Temecula to San Luis Obispo, Mendall’s Museum of Gasoline Pumps and Petroliana, Apple Farm Inn



First Day – Corona to San Luis Obispo

The three couples in it from start to finish, Glenores, Stevens, and Webers, met early Tuesday morning at Goodfellas’ Café in Corona to start this year’s first road trip of substance. After discussing plans for the day, we headed off to Pasadena, then Santa Barbara for lunch at the Santa Barbara Brewing Company. The next stop was in Buellton at the Mendenhall Museum. We thought we had “stuff”, but these people put us to shame. The collection started with Mark’s father, Jack’s, early cars, race memorabilia, signs, gas pumps and has expanded with the Hall of Fame items from the Bonneville Salt Flats, Jack’s father’s forest service memorabilia and Mark’s own racing souvenirs. Mark’s wife, Vicki, is the tour guide and you should plan on at least two hours to hear all the stories and see all the collectibles. Their dog , Lacy, is an active participant in the whole tour.  Considering none of us even knew this place existed, we thank Curt and Darlena for finding it and arranging the experience.

After our exposure to the first cultural museum of the trip, we headed up the coast into SLO and the Apple Farm Inn, where we relaxed, drank some wine, had some good comfort food for dinner, made plans for Wednesday and retired to our oh-so-comfortable Apple Farm rooms for a nice night before a not too early morning departure. We even made some new “best friends” with a couple from San Marcos who own a C6 and might just be interested in joining COTV – who knows!



Pics from Darlena & Curt

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Pics from Daryl & Rob

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