Sacramento, Embassy Suites Riverfront, IL Fornaio


After a series of days in which we drove a lot of challenging roads and saw a lot of sights, the group voted at dinner in Ashland to have an easier time of it getting from Ashland to Sacramento. We also knew that Joe and Rosemary had planned another scenic and long day for Friday. Rob and Daryl had tried to step into Jim Sommars’ shoes and follow his plan but essentially we ended up taking the 5 south from one door to the other.

We did stop in Weed, but opted not to go to the lumber museum. We had a good lunch at Shari’s Café and Pies in Red Bluff, where you can order the Trio of soup or salad, choice of sandwich and best of all, choice of about 25 pies, all for about $10. Service from Lacey was enthusiastic and efficient and we were back on the road without some of the long waits for food we have experienced elsewhere due to the size of our group versus the small size of the restaurant. We made one more stop in Dunnigan for gas before we drove the final 35 mile leg into Sacramento, so we would not have to try and gas up in the city.

We had opted not to stay at the Delta King on this trip, so most of us picked the Embassy Suites right on Capitol Mall. Joe and Rob talked the Valet Parking Only crew into letting them park their own cars  right out front of the hotel. Since we had arrived relatively early, Doug walked down the Mall to the Capitol and took a tour. Marilyn took a rest in the nice suite. Joe and Rosemary actually did a trial run at getting out of the city for the next morning, since there are lots of turns and one way streets involved. Rob and Daryl also made some coffee and took it easy. Curt and Darlena had opted to stay elsewhere and did their own thing. We all walked the two blocks to Il Fornaio for dinner and were fortunate enough to get another private room so we could chat while eating good Italian food. Again we got  great service staff and tried the month’s menu from Tuscany. Curt had cod, Darlena had risotto, Joe and Rosemary had a chicken pasta, Marilyn had ravioli, Doug had pizza, Rob had a duck pasta and Daryl had a pear/asparagus/who knows what else pasta.

Unfortunately, Rob’s camera had a “lens error” and has to go to the camera hospital when we get home, so we cannot show you much of the day. Hopefully, Curt will be able to get some shots of tomorrow’s trip through Yosemite to Bishop.


 Pics from Daryl & Rob


Pics from Darlena & Curt








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