Monterey Car Show – Awards Banquet


Car Show – Poker Run

Saturday morning started very early as the guys headed down, in Rob’s case in the dark, to clean the cars for a judged show. It was also a busy day for the locals as hot rods and other interesting vehicles converged on Chili’s for their meets as well. The judging closed out at 11am, just in time for us to get our first hand of cards punched for the Poker Run. The parking lot cleared out as most of the event attendees started to follow the directions to 3 off-site stations to pick up additional cards for their hands and then return to the Embassy Suites for the final selection. Due to its popularity, the run included a parade down Cannery Row and a drive along the oceanfront in Pacific Grove. This was followed by free entry to 17 Mile Drive where we selected our second card at Bird Rock. Then we headed back into Carmel Valley and over the Laureles Grade for the third, to the Bayonet Black Rock Golf Club for the fourth and back to home base. We won’t find out until the banquet how any of us did in either the show or the poker hands.

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Awards Banquet

After the cocktail hour and the completion of the last rounds of Red Nines and a last viewing of the fabulous trophies made by Chuck August for the car show, the group adjourned to their assigned tables for dinner. The Pages, Res and Glenores were at #16 with the MPCC dealer rep and the Stedfields, Stevens and Webers were at #17 (front and center) with 3 members of the MPCC club, the Raposes. The winning raffle numbers were displayed on a screen so that folks could see if they had won anything. After dinner they announced the 50/50 winner (no one from COTV!), the Mystery Prize winner (no one from COTV!), the Poker winners (no one from COTV!) and finally the Car Show winners. Some classes had only one entrant so the winners were simple to select. The C7 class had 30 entrants and happily for COTV, we had a winner, Curt and Darlena, who are now the proud owners of a Chuck August special. After thank yous both from and to the MPCC club, we all called it quits after a long day of car cleaning, car showing, laundry (for some), poker running, eating and losing for most and winning for our own lucky members. which they could collect after the meal. A slide show of cars, license plates and scenes from the Poker Run and Car Show played on

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