Klamath Falls, OR, Running Y Ranch Resort


The day started as it usually does on a road trip, with the guys cleaning the cars so they would be ready for another layer of dirt Doug made a “new best friend”, John, the manager of the casino/hotel, and he took video of us as we left so they could put it on their website to attract other car groups. Kudos to Mike and Denise for finding the Diamond Mountain Casino since lodging in Susanville tended toward places we might not choose to stay. At Diamond Mountain we had large, clean rooms and pleasant staff, although the service in the cafĂ© for dinner left a little to be desired. We would go there again if Susanville was part of the itinerary.

So after our moment of fame in the video, we found Route 36 and drove through the pines and past the lakes to our primary destination for day stops – Lassen Volcanic National Park. We took the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway, which is 500 miles long and extends from Susanville and around Lassen, then up as far as Crater Lake. When we entered the Park, we watched a video in the Visitors Center about the four different types of volcanoes that formed the area before starting on the Lassen Loop around the Park. We now know that our timing was great, as the Park opened just a week prior. This meant that neither the roads nor the attractions were crowded. We stopped at the Sulphur pits and Bumpass Hell and saw frozen lakes and plenty of snow. As Denise said, it was fine with her that the snow was next to the road as long as it was not in the road. Avoiding snow was one of the main reasons they moved from Chicago to Temecula. (Now they know, they really moved to buy a Corvette and join COTV!)

After we finished the loop and exited the Park, we headed for lunch at JJ’s in Old Station, CA. This was a great find of “local color” by Doug and Marilyn who were the day’s leaders. The burgers were highly praised by the two ladies who run the place as the beef is local, grass fed Hat Creek Hereford. After the lunch stop, we hit the road again, working our way to Klamath Falls, OR and our stop for the night. We had considered a slight detour from the main route to see the Lava Beds National Monument, but a very long stretch of road work made us wait for quite a while then follow a pilot car for miles at 10-15 mph. This built in a slow-down in our schedule, so we then headed directly to Klamath Falls and the Running Y Ranch Resort outside town.

What a beautiful setting, with two golf courses, a couple of restaurants, a spa and lovely grounds! Another great find! Dinner was at the Ruddy Duck just down the hall from all of our rooms and everyone enjoyed a meal of elk, lamb, beef or the pork chop special, except Curt. Marilyn and Rosemary who chose the lighter fish options. For a group who had thought salad would be a good dinner option, we fell off the wagon when we saw the menu and we are glad. Tomorrow we are off to Crater Lake.


Pics from Darlena & Curt

CM235 CM236 CM237 CM239 CM241 CM242 CM243 CM244 CM245 CM246 CM247 CM248 CM249 CM250 CM251 CM252 CM254 CM255 CM256 CM257 CM258 CM259 CM260 CM261 CM262 CM263 CM264 CM265 CM266 CM267 CM268 CM269 CM270 CM271 CM272 CM273 CM274 CM275 CM276 CM277 CM278 CM279 CM280 CM281 CM282 CM283 CM284 CM285 CM286 CM287 CM288 CM289 CM290 CM291 CM292 CM293 CM294 CM295 CM296 CM297 CM298 CM299 CM300 CM301 CM302 CM303 CM304 CM305 CM306 CM307 CM308 CM309 CM310 CM311 CM312 CM313 CM314 CM315 CM316



Pics from Daryl & Rob

M635 M636 M637 M638 M639 M640 M641 M642 M643 M644 M645 M646 M648 M649 M650 M651 M652 M653 M655 M656 M657 M658 M659 M660 M661 M662 M663 M664 M665 M666 M667 M668 M670 M671 M672 M673 M674 M675 M676 M677 M678 M679 M680 M681 M682 M683 M684 M685 M686 M687 M688 M689 M690 M691 M692 M693 M694 M695 M696 M697 M698 M701 M702 M703 M704 M705 M706 M707 M708 M709 M710 M711 M712 M713 M714 M715 M718 M719 M721 M722 M723 M724 M725 M726 M727 M728 M729 M730 M731








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