10/13/17 Homecoming Halftime Activities



Image result for Cornerstone Christian church murrieta


 Happy to report that Bruce, Bill, Mickey and Simon transported the Cornerstone royalty without any mishaps other than the princes who had trouble opening the doors😉

(Which is more than can be said for the webmaster who got a little confused)






2016 Mark Morris Homecoming | Columbia River Corvettes







Though not an official “Corvette” event, several COTV members participated in the 5th Annual Classic Car Craze at the Corn Maze car show on Saturday, September 30, 2017 at Big Horse Feed in Temecula. The Car Craze is essentially a hot rod and custom car show but a number of trucks, low riders, rat rods, and other vehicles were on display. One highlight was “Big Foot”, a monster pickup truck that crushed several junk cars by driving over them multiple times. Big Foot also made a lot of noise, did “wheelies” and bounces, and kicked up dirt and dust while turning tight circles. All quite dramatic. Other activities besides cars were a zip line, climbing walls, and the traditional corn maze that will be open until Halloween. Additionally there were product vendors and food booths. Proceeds from the show were to be donated to military and veteran organizations.

COTV was in the mix. John and Fritzi McDermott displayed their custom C3 Corvette.  Former members, Captain Norm Craig and Ronnie Garduno brought their beautiful ’66 Sting Ray coupe.  Bill Stedfield brought his C6 and Dayton Taylor entered his ’41 Lincoln Zephyr pulling a 1952 travel trailer. Among the spectators were Hans Boers, who decided not to bring his ’55 Dodge sedan, Bob Smith and Rose Streets, Ted Carli, who is between Corvettes right now but who was helping at the show, and Al Hackworth. Al did not have his Corvette but he was last seen trying to steal the store’s 1948 Ford tractor. We will have to see if he brings it to the next MLR.

Precision Alignment and Brake, a COTV sponsor, was also a sponsor of the Corn Maze Show. Scott Dittmer, owner of Precision, was in charge of running the show and his golf cart hardly ever stopped moving.

Danny “Count” Koker, star of “Counts Kustoms” on the History Channel, and his painter Ryan were judges and award presenters and they spent a lot of time mixing with the crowd.

Excellent weather, beautiful machines, nice folks to chat with. Car Craze at the Corn Maze made for a fun day.

CM11 CM12 CM13 CM14 CM15 CM16 CM17 CM18 CM19 CM20

09/24/17 MLR Hosted by Bruce Mofford


Mofford sm


COTV Mystery Lunch Run, hosted by Bruce Mofford (The Bat), September 24
(by Darlena Stevens)

Bruce Mofford led our COTV members and guests on a fantastic run through the De Luz area north of Fallbrook.

The group of 30 cars started out from the Black Angus parking lot at 9:30AM. We couldn’t meet at the usual Kohl’s parking area because the Michele’s Place Walk of Hope for breast cancer was being held in the area. Jim and Diane Sommars drove by Kohl’s to make sure no one missed the revised meeting place at the Black Angus parking lot instead. They were delayed by the activities in the area but still made it in time for the start of run. Thanks to Diane and Jim for looking out for our members!

We welcomed several guests to the MLR. Elizabeth and Mark Noakes were excited to join us with their sparkling new white Corvette. They are friends of Teresa and Simon Bleeker.  Elizabeth says she has admired Corvettes since she was a young girl (not that long ago) and this is her first Vette. We can look forward to the Noakes joining our club. Evan and Murry VanLeuevon were there with Lisa and Rick Servante. The Servantes were previous members of COTV and are planning to rejoin. Eva was rightfully proud to show off their beautiful, recently purchased, 2008 white Vette with black and red interior. Bill Stedfield brought his step-son Nick along for the ride as well. Another highlight was the beautifully restored 1966 Silver (show quality) Corvette brought by Woody Woodall and admired by all.

Since we had 30 cars, we broke into two groups. Bruce led the first group and the second group was led by John and Lynne Vara. The route took us through the hills west of Temecula and into the back country of De Luz. We pretty much had the roads to ourselves but the twists and turns kept our speed at a reasonable rate and allowed us to enjoy the scenery along the way. The oak trees created a beautiful canopy across the roads and we passed horse farms and many citrus and avocado groves.

Bruce had arranged for two stops along the way. The first one at the historic site of the De Luz Post Office and De Luz School, both built in the early 1900s. The site is well kept and gave us a glimpse into the past and this still very rural area. The next top was at the De Luz Fire Station #16. This was a short stop where we were welcomed to use the station’s restrooms and talk with the firemen/woman and see their facilities. We were intrigued with their rig and the nicely maintained station. What a great service these men and women provide to the hill country of De Luz.

The end of the run dropped us into the community of Fallbrook where Bruce had pre-arranged our lunch stop at the Firehouse Que & Brew on Main Street. The restaurant was ready with our orders and it did not take long at all for the food to be delivered. We enjoyed the barbeque meats and sides; the setting was nice for our group and we thanked Bruce for a run that was unique and well-planned. A raffle was held and won by Teresa Bleeker, who was so excited because she “never wins anything”. We all think she is a winner every day with her bubbly personality and enjoyment of life. The gift was a car detail at Paradise Chevrolet.

About 6 cars joined up with Bruce on the drive back to Temecula while the rest hung around longer at the Firehouse restaurant or went their own way. This was a great run for the end of Summer and start of Fall.

Photos Courtesy of Teresa Bleeker


Photos Courtesy of Darlena Stevens


09/21/17 – 09/25/17 Prescott Vette Sette Car Show



You’re Slappin’ yourself on the Forehead for Missing the Tahoe Trip


Kickin’ yourself in the Behind for not going to Plastic Fantastic.

So What….

You’ve Earned all the Self Abuse You Can Handle!




Prescott Vette Set Car Show Trip
September 21-24



This year’s COTV group trip to the Prescott annual car show was somewhat more “intimate” than last year’s when Joe and Rosemary Priebe led it. Doug and Marilyn Glenore did a repeat trip since they enjoyed it so much in 2016. Rob and Daryl Weber made up for their unfortunate last minute cancellation in 2016. Jason and Joethel Marshall, who recently joined COTV, were primed for their first Corvette car show ever with their red C-7.



The Glenores left on Thursday and spent the night in Phoenix where they enoyed themselves at the Talking Stick Resort and won some cash to spend on the rest of the trip. The Webers also left on Thursday but spent the extra night in Prescott. The Marshalls arrived in time for lunch on Friday and took advantage of the trip to stop in Phoenix on the way back on Sunday to see their daughter. When the Glenores arrived Friday and could not yet check in to the Hotel St. Michael, they joined the Webers in the public garage where the guys cleaned cars and the ladies chatted until everyone got chilled and it was time for the Glenores to check in and for the Webers to meet the Marshalls for lunch at the Palace Saloon. The Webers were outlyers and didn’t stay at the St. Michael, but tried the other hotel on Courtyard Square, the Grand Highland, which is a very small (12 room) boutique hotel with very small rooms and claw foot tubs which must be entered by using a stool.



Everyone met up at the Holiday Courtyard next to the Grand Highland for the welcome cocktail party. It was then that our group increased in size with the surprise arrival of Dan and Zana Easley. The Easleys were members of COTV for a while and then moved back to Tucson about 3 1/2-4 years ago. They saw that we would have some members attending Prescott on the website and decided to meet up with us since they are moving back to Temecula and want to rejoin the club. Zana says their membership application will be in the mail soon! It was great to catch up with them and also to get some news about Harold Penn and Donna Monsen who moved to Tucson earlier this year.



The guys got up in the dark on Saturday morning and were among the first 5-6 in line to park. Since the temperature was 38 degrees, they wanted to move the process along. Once they were all set up they rejoined the ladies for breakfast and when the sun came out everyone went to view the 200+ Corvettes parked around Courtyard Square. There were a significant number of older models and some beautiful newer cars as well. Doug and Marilyn saw their next car just down the row from us. Jason got to see some that we have run into at Lake Tahoe and other venues and now has all sorts of ideas about what can be done and sometimes what should not be done to a Corvette. Jason and Joe bought some raffle tickets and actually won in the first round of drawings at 11am. They got a gift certificate for lunch at a local place and invited the Webers and Glenores to join them. Doug decided to save himself for dinner so five of us went to taste the soup and half sandwich special at the Office.



Unfortunately, the professional judges were not as impressed with our beautiful cars as we are and we sat through the awards and left empty-handed. We all met up with the Easleys and their Tucson friends, Joe and Marilyn, for an early dinner at 5:30 at Genovese’s. Doug and Marilyn had tried and enjoyed the food in 2016. Rob and Daryl went on Thursday night and were primed for another round of Italian cuisine. Ten of us ate our way through a pretty good selection of the menu. The restaurant does not take reservations on Friday and Saturday, so you have to go early, but we told them we were coming so they were ready for us. If you are in Prescott, give them a try – lots of good food and several of us can vouch for the eggplant parmesan as well.



We all headed home at our own pace on Sunday. It was very cold again in the morning, so we know that Fall is here. All in all, our small group had a great big good time!



9/20/17 Sponsor Appreciation Dinner – Siggys



Image result for siggys temecula

Sponsor Appreciation – Siggy’s – September 20, 2017

OMG, we got to eat again! OMG, we got to eat together two days in a row! OMG, we got to eat huge plates of food again. Do you think we can get through this week without exploding? Oh no, there is a Mystery Lunch Run this weekend as well. We are doomed.

Dave kindly arranged another opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, both to thank a sponsor and to stuff our faces. So off we went to do our duty, this time at Siggy’s, which has a huge menu of very reasonably priced huge plates of food – from Mexican to Greek to pastrami sandwiches to salads to Salisbury steak for Jim Sommars. It was a motley crew of about 22 who met to share laughs, with the usual early arrivals including Bruce Mofford and John and Fritzi McDermott. Skip Hipp joined in with apologies for missing the Rainbow Oaks breakfast but had some excuse about setting his alarm for the wrong day, when we knew he actually wanted to sky dive as well as have breakfast at the Bombshelter instead. Carol and Leonard seemed to be eating a healthy meal until you saw the size of their salads. Marsue took home half her pastrami sandwich and half Daryl’s quesadilla to feed the neighbor teenagers and that was after we had eaten our fill first.

Chuck Sherman reappeared from a Hurricane Irma impacted cruise out of Fort Lauderdale, with some interesting tales. The Varas had their own tales about Lynne’s surprise birthday dinner and concert. Some of the group exchanged tales about plans for Monterey in 2018 and the fact that the event sold out in under 3 weeks and it is still 9 months away. Guess we can start planning the details now.

Bill Stedfield introduced us to the owner and recounted that when he asked if they would be interested in sponsoring the Club they had immediately asked to sign up. So here is another place to go if you are really, really hungry, We hugely recommend it!

 S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 S6 S7 S8 S9 S10 S11 S12 S13 S14 S15 S16 S17 S18 S19 S20 S21 S22 S23

09/19/17 Breakfast Social – Rainbow Oaks Restaurant



rainbow oaks restuarant

COTV September 2017 Breakfast




As is always the case when food is involved, we had a very successful and well-attended breakfast social at the Rainbow Oaks Restaurant, which surprisingly enough is located in the small town (population:1092) of Rainbow, just off the 15 a little south of Temecula. This restaurant has been the site of a number of other COTV meals and some of us have even been there for the Prime Rib dinner on Wednesday or Fried Chicken Tuesday. Don Weeks recommends the meat loaf, as well, if you are going on your own.



Thirty-two hungry COTV members, most of whom arrived before the 9am reservation (Surprise! Surprise!) chowed down on huge plates of food. You never go hungry – breakfast, lunch or dinner – at the Oaks. As always, some who signed up didn’t turn up and others did the reverse, so please remember that it makes it difficult for those who organize these events to tap-dance with the restaurant staff to get the right number of tables and waiters set up when they have no idea what to expect themselves.



Murray Gruber, who attended the August MLR for the first time, was a slighty later arrival and came without his wife, Eva, and Angelique, their service dog. Some of the guys came solo as their wives had other plans for the early morning (we know you really wanted some alone time, Diane and Patty!)



We are seeing more of Joe and Rosemary and the split-window 1963 and we are very happy about that. It is amazing how much time grandchildren take up of our time now that we are over the children stage. Isn’t that correct? Ask the Priebes, Crowthers, Sommars, or Weeks just for a start.



Some of us were able to share our love and hugs with Bev Weeks, who lost her mother 2 weeks ago. As a group, we seem to all be in a position to experience that kind of loss, but at least we have the support of all our COTV friends to help us through.



As we were all getting ready to depart, Jim Sommars announced the happy news that there would be one more breakfast social in 2017, with details to follow as they are available. We all said thank you to Marilyn and Carol for their hard work and planning. Carol says it works for her because she gets to eat out at places they are considering as well, so it is a win-win for everyone.








09/15/17 – 09/16/17 COTV Road Trip-Petersen & Nethercutt




 COTV Road Trip

The Petersen Museum &



The Nethercutt Collection



COTV 2-day Trip to Los Angeles hosted by Hans and Alma Boers

It seemed like this trip to the Petersen Automotive and the Nethercutt Museums was planned ages ago. Actually Hans first started planning it back in April of this year. In his true fashion, no detail was missed.

We started out Friday, Sept. 15th, from the meeting spot in Corona. We were 13 cars, 26 people, strong. We made a nice Corvette statement driving along the I-15, I-71, and I-10 freeways on the way to our initial meeting spot at the original Farmer’s Market in Los Angeles. The drive was surprisingly smooth with just a few areas of congestion. Somehow we managed to stay together on the L.A. freeways. That was not the case however as we all exited the freeway. Our individual navigation systems had us taking multiple different routes to the Farmer’s Market but we managed to arrive about the same time. That was fun.

For a few of our members, the trip to the Farmer’s Market was a new experience. Others had not been there in years and were pleased to see not much had changed. Many of our favorite vendors were still there. Needless to say, we had a great selection of food choices and all said their choices were delicious

Next we drove a short distance to the Petersen Automotive Museum. The recent $125 million renovation of the museum proved to be fabulous, showing off the beauty of their massive car collection. There were two special exhibits: a Bugati exhibit showcasing many of their designs, considered to be some of the most seductive and artistic cars in existence. The other special exhibit was the 70 Years of Ferrari; while we all love our Corvettes, we couldn’t help but admire these red beauties. We took the 90-minute tour of the Vault. This behind-the-scenes tour gave us a look at some of the unique cars in their collection; all had interesting histories and the docent was well versed on every one of them.

Our drive from the Petersen to our hotel in Burbank was quite an experience for many of us. Our navigation systems, while trying to avoid the Friday evening rush hour traffic, took us on a tortuous path through the residential areas of Hollywood and the Los Feliz areas. Interesting to say the least, but we all made it safely to our destination where Hans and Alma were waiting for us with a nice pre-dinner treat of Swedish meatballs straight from the infamous Ikea cafeteria! They were delicious and went down easily with a nice glass of wine. We then had dinner at either The Stage or BJ’s. The food was good but the company was even better.

On Saturday we headed over to the Nethercutt Museum in Sylmar. This is a secret gem; secret because many of us had never heard of this museum that is owned and provided by the founders/owners of Merle Norman cosmetics. What a history they had to share! COTV members who have been to many car museums agreed the Nethercutt is a rival for top-billing. The cars are faithfully restored and all have an interesting story to tell. The grand finale was the mechanical music instruments demonstrated for us on the tour. If you have not been here, be sure to place the Nethercutt on your bucket list.

We all look forward to the next trip planned by Hans and Alma, whatever it may be! 


08/30/2017 Sponsor Appreciation Dinner – Guadalajara Mexican Grill

Related image


Thank you to Guadalajara


Wednesday, August 30, marked our annual sponsor appreciation dinner at Guadalajara (Temecula), a long-term sponsor of COTV. Dave Hellman was oh-so-smart and didn’t try to get us in on a Taco Tuesday, so the hungry folks started turning up about 5:15 or 5:30 for the 6pm starting time.


Perhaps it was the horrendous heat we have been experiencing or perhaps it was that folks were heading out of town for the Labor Day weekend, but we were a relatively “intimate” group of 29. The air conditioning in the back room managed to keep up pretty well with the outside temps over 100 and a round of margaritas always helps to cool everyone down as well. Our waiter did a fantastic job of taking orders and delivering food so that even the last table to be served was not too far behind.


We shared the room with a couple of families whose small children were exuberantly celebrating their own fun Wednesday, so it was not as quiet as it could be, but after those margaritas….who cared!


Thanks again to Guadalajara for their years of sponsorship and to Dave for arranging another fine meal.


Related image

08/27/2017 Mystery Lunch Run Hosted by Lou Long & Paradise Chevrolet Cadillac



Up In The Sky……
Is It A Bird?
Is It A Plane?
It’s SuperDrone





COTV and Paradise Celebrate COTV’s 15th Anniversary



August is for many the last hurrah of the summer season. At COTV, August is Lou Long month as this has become the month when Lou puts together his version of a Mystery Lunch Run. This year was even more special, since it also marked the 15th anniversary of the Club. So Lou planned the event, to include over 60 cars in drone photos, a nice drive and a great lunch and worked with the COTV Leadership Team to provide an additional bonus of the chance to win one of 10 special prizes. He was also supported by the lovely (and soon to be Mrs. Lou Long) Julie, who took care of raffle tickets and waiver forms, was the voice on the radio, and who was heard telling someone she would also sell them a Cadillac today. An all round talent who is a perfect match for Super Lou!



The day started with “coffee and donuts” at the dealership. The meeting time was posted as 8:45am, but by 8:15am there were already a dozen or more cars in place. Some members brought more than one Corvette (Buote, Priebe, Steed) and so we had the earlier models of the 60s as well as their C-6 and C-7 cars. There were RSVPs for 62 cars and over 90 COTV folks, but we never actually did a count as the lines kept on changing and people kept on arriving. Some of the founding members of COTV were there: Don and Bev Weeks, Vance Weir and Susan Reichardt, Willie Nagle, Joe and Rosemary Priebe, and Bill and Sandi Steed.



The majority of attendees have been around the Club for at least a few years, but there were a number of new faces as well. John Mollway brought his son Pierce. The Sparks’ grandson, Austin, joined us. Marti Schoemann brought her brother-in-law, Patrick. Mickey Diehl had her friend, Karen, as her ride-along. Steve Glenore was joined by his friend, Liz. Ed and Marie Filardo have been among the missing for a while, so they were welcomed back into the crowd. We thought the blue-haired lady was a new face, but it turned out to be Darlena Stevens, trying out a new fuller version of a look she debuted earlier in the year. Bruce Mofford also had a ride-along, Vickie, who was introduced to him by Sue Lokken. One prominent face who was missing in action was our President, Glenn Crowther – we all hope he is feeling better soon.



Several very new faces were in attendance for part or all of the event. Casey Cannon came to the dealership, filled out an application, and left to take care of his sick wife. James Gilbert, who last stopped by on an MLR about 6 months ago, took an application form with him this time. Murray and Eva Gruber and their service dog, Angelique, came in a car with no plates yet and stayed for lunch. Since they shared a table with new members Terry and Jan Munn, James Gilbert and our Membership Guy, John McDermott, we are sure they all got all the information they needed on COTV.



The reasonably short drive from the dealership to lunch led us out and around Temecula, back down the 215 south to Old Town Temecula and the patio at Baily’s, where we had 6-8 entrees to select from. The restaurant was closed except to our private party so we had the full attention of the kitchen and the wait staff. As always, someone’s table has to be the last served but everyone seemed to be enjoying the food. Midway through the meal, Lou announced the drawing of prize tickets, which gave the winner a detail at Paradise: John Vara, Bruce Mofford (how did he win twice?), Dave Hellman, Linda Wilson, Skip Hipp, Vance Weir, Hans and Alma Boers, Austin (the Sparks grandson who is probably too young to drive but whose grandfather isn’t), and Chuck Calagna.



All in all it was another Lou Long special of a day. Thanks, Lou. Do we really have to wait a whole year to see what he will do next time?




10/01/17 Palos Verdes Concours d’Elegance




PV Concours d'Elegance

Palos Verdes Concours d’Elegance

Sunday Oct. 1st

10 until 4

Torrance Airport

Cost is 40 bucks per person plus

$10 for parking and

gourmet food trucks are available.

Lots of beautiful rare old cars
Bloomer 34 Cadillac1.jpg

including a few C-1 and C-2 Vettes
Image result for c1 & c2 Vettes

In addition there will be some very

interesting planes on display



and it is a the site of
Image result for robinson helicopter logo
Image result for robinson helicopter

For more information go to

and then RSVP to me..

We will meet at the Shell station at


Temescal road at 9 and leave at 9:30.

The run will take a little over an hour.






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