01/27/2019 Mystery Lunch Run Hosted by Teresa & Simon Bleeker




Hosted by Teresa & Simon Bleeker


No – They Didn’t Wear Their Santa Clothes!

It was a historical trip.
It Was a Mysterious Trip!


Mystery Lunch Run

January 27, 2019

Simon and Terry Bleeker treated us to what they had titled the “Historical/Haunted MLR” and also described as a loooong run (one of Jim Sommars’ favorite kind) to start off the new year of 2019. They had 35 cars send in RSVPs and someone counted 35 cars at Kohl’s at one point, so let’s agree that it was a healthy sized group of 35 cars and 60-70 COTV folks.

We had a real mix of old and new, guest and member. Don Sforzini brought along his BRAND NEW orange ZR-1 and his son, Brent, drove the not very old yellow C7R. That way there was room for Brent’s wife, Andrea, and their son Nick. So, a whole Sforzini Corvette Club of its own! Thank heavens Ronette Garduno takes time to provide us with the names of the many guests she and Captain Norm bring along. This time we had Swan, Eric and Darrel (so we had Darrel and Daryl and no Larry!) Mickey Diehl had her friend and frequent co-pilot Ellen along for the ride. Lana Jenkin brought along a familiar face, her friend Cathy, although she tried to fool us by having Cathy wear Keith’s name tag. Bill Watson brought his own designated driver, their oldest son, Wayne. Our newest new members, Joe and Barbie Orsini, were there with their beautiful 2005 blue convertible.

The first section of the run was the “historic” part. We paraded along Butterfield Stage to Murrieta Hot Springs to Winchester Rd/Hwy 79, through the actual little old part of Winchester, and onto 74 W into what used to be Romoland but is now part of Menifee. The old barn used to house the Motte Romo Farms produce market but now contains a mid-sized car collection, where we got to visit a 1931 Cadillac originally owned and restored by our own member, Bob Wells. There is also a very interesting exhibit of the history of the area and its agricultural beginnings in the upstairs section for those who might want to pay a return visit.

After a short break for coffee and donuts and a visit to the facilities, we all saddled up again and headed out for the longer drive to our lunch destination. Trying to keep 35 cars together on a straight road is difficult enough, but this route took us the “scenic” way through Perris and Lake Elsinore and we had to stop often to gather up the strays. Somewhere along this part, we lost some of the group, who decided that they had experienced enough fun for one day. We ended up at lunch with not quite 35 cars. As you might guess when Lake Elsinore comes into the conversation, we headed up and over the dreaded Ortega Highway to San Juan Capistrano. There is always a lot of Sunday traffic – sports cars and motorcycles abound and of course, today we added a bunch of Corvettes into the mix. As Glenn Crowther commented when we were finally at lunch, the drive was spectacular as the recent rains have made the hillsides very green. If you missed the ride you missed COTV’s sighting of the new mid-engine C8. Well, we think it was a C8 ,as it was heavily camouflaged.  

Our lunch destination was El Adobe de Capistrano on Camino Capistrano. The “haunted” part of the run was some of the history behind the restaurant and many COTV members checked out the small prison area, which is now used for a wine cellar. Terry had arranged for 3 lunch choices: a huge hamburger with all the fixings; a combination plate of enchilada and taco; or huevos rancheros. After a lot of food and plenty of conversation, the group split up to head home however they wanted. Some even chose to stay in San Juan for a pleasant Sunday walk around.

Thanks to Terry and Simon for a great start to the new year! Bravo!

Pics from Teresa & Simon 

T1 T2 T3 T4 T5


Pictures from Wes



B2 B3 B4 B6 B7 B8 B9 B10 B11 B12 B13 B14 B15 B16 B17 B18 B19 B20 B21 B22 B23 B24 B25 B26 B28 B29 B30 B31 B32 B33 B34 B35 B36 B37 B38 B39 B40 B41 B42 B43 B44 B45 B46 B47 B48 B49 B50 B51 B52 B53 B54 B55 B56 B57 B58 B59 B60 B61 B62 B63 B64 B65 B66 B67 B68 B69 B70 B71 B72 B73 B74 B75 B76 B77 B78 B79 B80 B81 B82 B83 B84 B85 B86 B87 B88 B89 B90 B91 B92 B93 B94 B95 B96 B97 B98 B99 B100 B101 B102 B104 B105 B106 B107 B108 B109 B112 B113 B114 B115 B116 B117 B118 B119 B120 B121 B122 B123 B124 B125 B126 B127 B128 B129 B130 B131 B132 B133 B134 B135 B137 B138

01/16/19 1st Breakfast of 2019 @ Penfold’s Café & Bakery




COTV Attended The

1st Breakfast of 2019
Wednesday, January 16, 2019
@ Penfold’s Café & Bakery


Breakfast Social

January 16, 2019

Penfold’s Cafe & Bakery

COTV is sort of like the postal service but with better vehicles…neither rain nor fog nor bad traffic will deter us from our appointed duties, eating together as often as possible.  Amazingly, only 10 of the folks who had signed up let the bad weather deter them and their places were taken by some late minute additions.  All told there were 37 hungry, then happy, faces around the breakfast table.

The original plan was to eat on the covered patio, but Storm Watch 2019 made for a change to the warmth and comfort of the indoor dining room.  Doug and Marilyn Glenore were the first on-site, actually beating Bruce Mofford on this occasion.  Mike Re came without Denise who was either baby- or dog-sitting, but took home breakfast for her.  Marsue Page came without Steve, who was on the road to Scottsdale for the Barrett-Jackson auction.  A newish member, Joe Orsini, came without his wife who is not an early riser and seemed to enjoy the company.  The rest were the usual suspects.

Doug and Marilyn brought a couple of the club-specific stadium blankets they purchased for those going on the 25th Anniversary caravan to the National Corvette Museum and used one for a “show and sell.”  According to the Southwest Section e-News letter, COTV is the first club to place an order.  As you can see by Wes’ photo, the blanket is an attractive, large and warm souvenir.  If you think one would look good in your family room or car, just let Marilyn know and she will make sure you get it.  She is also finalizing plans for our visit to Nashville and on to New Orleans, so keep an eye on your emails.

Well, thanks as usual go to Marilyn and Carol or Carol and Marilyn for planning another filling and satisfying get-together. Our stomaches are already looking forward to the next one.


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1/2/19 Plastic Fantastic – Registration Opened – Jan 2, 2019


North County Corvette Club is
having website problems

closed online registration



NCOCC 42nd Plastic Fantastic

Sunday May 19, 2019

Entry Fee $35.00 – Registration Opened 

January 2, 2019


Then Click on The Link Below
to get the PDF of the mail in Entry Form





Some Pre-Event Changes for 2019

* Again this year, we are limiting registration to the first 400 corvettes that sign up.
* We will not allow any “Day of Show” entries.
* No pup ups or easy ups will be permitted.
* In accordance with FAA regulations, Seaport Village and Embarcadero Marine Park North are “NO FLY ZONE” for drones.
* We do not have parking for car trailers. If you trailer your car you will be responsible for finding parking for it.
* Check in has been changed to 8:00 a.m.; please do not arrive early.
* The Port of San Diego reminded us that:
Participants are not allowed to leave early unless it is an emergency. Please do not plan to leave before the awards begin at 2:00 p.m.
– Once the car show has officially started, after the time limit for load-in has passed, no show vehicles or service vehicles may be driven on to park property. All Corvettes must arrive by 10:00 a.m.


This is what happened in 2018 – Don’t let this happen to You!

Image result for plastic fantastic corvette



Limited to the First 400 Entries


To Park Together, We must Arrive Together

Image result for plastic fantastic corvette

Plastic Fantastic XXXXII All Corvette Car Show


If You Wish to Join the Caravan
(because To Park Together, We must Arrive Together)
RSVP so we don’t Hit the Road without You!

We will Meet at Kohl’s at 5:45 am and Depart Promptly at 0600!

5/19/19 Plastic Fantastic, Seaport Village, San Diego

Embarcadero Park North (behind Seaport Village) San Diego, CA

The Largest and Oldest “All Corvette Show” in the USA!

Trophies for Sponsor’s Choice, Best of Show, Club Participation, and Long Distance;
1st, 2nd, & 3rd place participant’s choice trophies for each Corvette generation.

1) Participant’s Choice – Every Corvette entered in the show will receive one ballot to vote for his or her
favorite car in each Corvette generation.

2) For Sale – Cars for sale are welcome, you furnish signs etc. and the entry fee remains the same.

Entry Fee $30.00
(on line registration is + $3)

Dash plaques & special gift to the All 400 entries.
You Must Pre-Register
If you wish to park together, please arrive together.
Navigation address: 400 Kettner Boulevard, San Diego

Schedule of Events
Registration: 8:00am – 10:00am
Show Parking opens no earlier than 8:00am and closes at 10:00am
Participant’s choice ballots turned in by: 12:00pm
Raffle Prizes: 10:00am – 2:00pm
Awards Ceremony: 2:00pm

* The Port of San Diego reminds you that:
Participants are not allowed to leave early unless it is an emergency.
Please do not plan to leave before the
awards begin at 2:00 p.m.

– Once the car show has officially started, after the time limit for load-in has passed,
no show vehicles or
service vehicles may be driven on to park property.
All Corvettes must arrive by 10:00 a.m.

Please note: Members of The North County Corvette Club are not eligible for awards.
Show proceeds go to The North County Corvette Club’s charity: The USO of San Diego.
For additional information regarding Plastic Fantastic, visit our web site


Then Click on The Link Below
to get the PDF of the mail in Entry Form




42nd Annual
All Corvette Car Show
Embarcadero Marina Park North (behind Seaport Village) San Diego, CA
Sunday May 19, 2019
The oldest all Corvette car show in the USA
Special Awards for Best of Show, Sponsors Choice, Club Participation, and Long Distance
1st, 2nd, & 3rd place participant’s choice awards for each Corvette generation
Every Corvette entered will receive one ballot to vote for their favorite Corvette of each generation
Entry Fee $35.00 – registration is open January 2, 2019
at: or mail in entry
Dash plaques & special gift to the first 350 entries
Navigation address: 400 Kettner Boulevard, San Diego
Schedule of Events
Check in: 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.
Show Parking opens no earlier than 8:00 a.m. and closes at 10:00 a.m.
Participant’s choice ballots must be turned in by: 12:00 p.m.
Raffle Prizes: 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Awards Ceremony: 2:00 p.m.
Members of The North County Corvette Club are not eligible for awards
Proceeds go to The North County Corvette Club’s charity – The USO of San Diego
For additional information regarding Plastic Fantastic, visit our web site
Or contact: Sam at
This is a rain or shine event, no refunds for bad weather
To register by mail please fill in all of the following information (used for show purposes only) and send
the completed form and $35 fee to: Kathleen Regenhardt, 7220 Park Village Rd., San Diego, CA 92129
Please make checks payable to “NCOCC”
Name: _________________________________________________________________________________________
Street: _________________________________________ City: ___________________________State: _______
Zip Code: __________________ Telephone: ___________________________________________________
E-mail: ________________________________________________________________________________________
Year of Vette: _______________ Color: ________________________________________________________
Car Club (if applicable) _____________________________________________________________________
Signature: ______________________________________________________ Date: ____________________
All participants hereby release and discharge the North County Corvette Club and our sponsors from any
known or unknown damages, injuries, losses, or claims that may occur during this event

12/09/2018 COTV Holiday Party



Image result for holiday minion gif

(That Guy Can Spin!)



 At The Journey Restaurant @ Pechanga


The Leadership Team sang Christmas Carols round the Fire Pit!


There were Raffle Winners!

C206C208 C207

And Dancin’ Fools!


 C125 C126 C129 C132
Fred Wants to Know Why Some of You Didn’t Hit the Floor and Show Your Moves?
Ron Johnson was the Keyboard, Guitar & Sax


COTV Holiday Party

December 9, 2018

We certainly waved goodbye to the COTV year in great fashion at our annual holiday party. Fashion was the word of the evening as everyone was dressed in their holiday best (not the shorts, jeans and t-shirts we usually see at meetings and MLRs!) The Journey at Pechanga is a wonderful setting for us to show off how nice we can look and how well we can clean up. There were bow-ties, tuxedoes, fancy shoes, red dresses, sparkly tops and bottoms, holiday sweaters – you can see them all in the pictures taken by Curt, Harry and Rob. Try to recognize some of your old friends – like Joe Priebe and Bill Steed, who really look different without baseball caps.

Some of our newer members joined the festivities for the first year – Tom and Elle Ramsey, Mike and Brandi Moran, John and Barbara Rider, Roger and Lisa Johns, and Mike Marty with Diane DeFigh (he is not so new, but she is.) Chuck Sherman is beginning to make a nice habit of sharing COTV stuff with Jim and Diane’s friend, Jeanette.

Curt and Darlena carried on with the COTV tradition of planning a great party. We have found that Journey provides the perfect space for our large crowd and a pretty darn good meal as well. Dave Hellman bid everyone a farewell after several years on the Leadership Team. He says he will still be a member, even though he and Karen have moved to Carlsbad. He brought his daughter, Lindsay, to the party as poor Karen was en route back from a week on Maui. John and Jerri-Lynne Randall made a surprise announcement and presentation of the Moose to John and Lynne Vara, who we are sure will carry on the COTV Moose tradition in great style.

The entertainment was stellar and Ron Johnson did a great job of getting more people onto the dance floor than we have seen in many, many years. For those who stayed until the clock struck NINE (let’s face it, we are not as young as we used to be!), there were three lovely raffle baskets. They were won by Mike and Debbie Homan, Mike and Denise Re, and Randy and Angela Smith.

We wish all of our friends old and new the happiest of holiday seasons with their other friends and families. We know that we have lots of fun to look forward to with COTV in 2019 and so say – Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and see you in January.





Related image

12/02/2018 Toys for Tots Toy Run






COTV Toys for Tots Toy Run

It was the type of day that warms your heart and makes this such a wonderful time of year. About 90 or maybe more COTV members congregated at the Kohls’ parking lot to show just how wonderful they are as well, by providing toys and gifts for children in need through the Marine Toys For Tots program. Since the club shifted their focus from Spark of Love to Toys For Tots, our members’ generosity has grown by leaps and bounds and we can be sure that we are making a difference for so many families.

By the time Rob got there, after his annual tussle with the donut shop, bringing six dozen of them for everyone to share, there were already several cars in the lot. John Meyer joined us on his first Corvette outing since his quadruple bypass surgery. Casey Cannon, who joined some time ago, but is hardly ever in town to attend club events, was there and we were all happy to see him. Bruce Mofford was the early bird, as always.

Once we had set up the donut table and taped off an area for the toy collections, people started to arrive in Corvettes or regular cars loaded with toys. First one Marine, Carol, arrived and then the box truck with two more, Jerry and Alex, pulled into the lot. While folks chatted with the Marines and each other, the pile of toys kept growing. Norm Craig even arrived in his ’66 with a lovely tiny bicycle with training wheels, to make up for the one he didn’t have as a kid. Then Marti arrived, accompanied by her daughter, with a truckload of bicycles and scooters. The piles kept on growing until 11am, when everyone loaded 17 boxes and numerous bikes into the truck.


After the truck was loaded, the Corvette caravan headed all of 5.6 miles to Romano’s Macaroni Grill in the Promenade area for a lunch to celebrate a good job well done. The Marines followed in their box truck to eat with us as they had another pick up after lunch. We want to thank the Macaroni Grill and their manager, Elisabetta Baratti, for working to make this lunch happen for us on relatively short notice and at such a reasonable price. The service was great as well! They had set aside half of the restaurant for our use and although we didn’t completely fill it, we certainly enjoyed our pasta luncheon in the nice surroundings.

In addition to our regular members, we had some new faces in attendance. Stan and Connie Markwell had seen the Toy Run on the website and asked if they could attend as non-members. Stan has just completed restoration work on his red C3 and they are considering joining the club, so they were warmly welcomed. Another couple, the Sannes, saw us on Margarita Road on the way over to lunch and followed us right into the restaurant. They were in their truck but have a Corvette, so we invited them to join us for lunch. Thanks to Harry and Sharon Finch for acting as hosts to both new couples at their lunch table.

Again, thanks to all our members for reaching into their hearts and wallets to make this event such a success and to provide for children who might otherwise not have much of a Christmas. Next up and last for the year, is the Holiday Party. Hope to see you all there for more food, fun and maybe even some dancing!


Pics from Teresa 

tttt1 tttt2 tttt3 tttt4 tttt5 tttt6 tttt7

tt2 tt3 tt4 tt5 tt6 tt7 tt8 tt9 tt10 tt11 tt12 tt13 tt14 tt15 tt16 tt17 tt18 tt19 tt20 tt21 tt22 tt23 tt24 tt25 tt26 tt27 tt28 tt29 tt30 tt31 tt32 tt33 tt34 tt35 tt36 tt37 tt38 tt39 tt40 tt41 tt42 tt43 tt44 tt45 tt46 tt47 tt48 tt49 tt50 tt51 tt52 tt53 tt54 tt55 tt56 tt57 tt58 tt59 tt60 tt61 tt62 tt63 tt64 tt65 tt66 tt67 tt68 tt69 tt70 tt71 tt72 tt73 tt74 tt75 tt76 tt77 tt78 tt79 tt80 tt81 tt82 tt83 tt84 tt85 tt86 tt87 tt88 tt89 tt90 tt91 tt92 tt93 tt94 tt95 tt96 tt97 tt98 tt99 tt100 tt101 tt102 tt103.

tt204 tt205 tt206 tt207 tt208 tt209 tt210 tt211 tt212 tt213 tt214 tt215 tt216 tt217 tt218 tt219 tt220 tt221 tt222 tt223 tt224



11/25/18 MLR Hosted by Bruce Mofford






Hosted by Bruce Mofford


Mofford sm

Great (MLR-XL) Turkey Run of 2K18

Every year we are amazed at the turnout for the November Mystery Lunch Run. We always think it will be small, because everyone is either gone or entertaining family for the Thanksgiving holiday. We are always wrong it seems, as we had around 35 cars on Bruce “The Bat” Mofford’s super intricate but pretty local Great Turkey Run. Tom Ramsey helped with the early car count of 28, but they just kept on coming.

We had guests galore in addition to our usual crowd. Valerie Treese from North Coast Vettes came to see what an MLR is like since she is their activities/events person and is thinking about starting them for their club in 2019. She brought along her husband John, Norm and Linda Pick, and Bob Ekstrom. Hopefully they weren’t scared off! Valerie says that she has a lot of ideas based on the archives of past COTV runs. We knew we kept all that info for someone. Victor and his son, Justin, turned up in a sparkling red Z06, talking about joining and already signing up for the Toys For Tots run. They found us on the website, as did James and Ann-Marie. (Thanks to Rob and Ray for making the website such a good source of information and attracting new folks to COTV!) The Sommars’ friend, Jeanette, joined us and served as Chuck Sherman’s co-pilot for the day. Lana Jenkin brought along her friend, Cathy, for a third time, since Keith is not well enough to join us right now. We hope he is out of rehab and home again soon. Marti’s Blue ’02 was in the mix again, this time driven by her brother-in-law, Patrick McConnell.

Bruce took us all around the back roads of Temecula, Winchester, western Hemet, and over to Temescal Canyon and parts of Lake Elsinore, before guiding us to the Golden Corral just off the 15 at Central. The manager had set aside a room for our group and Gillian was there to take care of us. There was plenty of turkey for those still craving it as well as a large variety of other dishes, so no one had any chance to go hungry.

Thanks to Bruce for a great run and to Wes for the photos and to everyone for joining in to have a good day to finish off November. We have plenty of other chances to get together still left in 2018 and then we can look forward to what we can come up with for 2019. Hope to see you at the Toys for Tots run and the Holiday Party. Get your holiday apparel out of the closet and come for the fun and the friendship!



Pics by Wes


11/13/18 Breakfast Social @ Casa Jimenez




It’s Breakfast Time
For Corvettes of Temecula Valley


Casa Jimenez
Tuesday, November 13, 2018

What are we going to do with ourselves in the morning for the rest of the year? This was the last of Carol and Marilyn’s masterfully planned breakfasts for 2018.

About 30 COTV morning folks turned up at Casa Jimenez for either Mexican or American platters to start of another cool and windy day. It was the usual cast of characters – with the singles, Bruce, Bill and Skip; the newest member of the Leadership Team, Wes (and Carole), the Treasurer-elect and photographer; and a less familiar face, Tom Hafeli, who came in and said hello and disappeared as quickly. Oh, let’s not forget Dave Hellman, back from a long European sojourn. The rest were the normal mix of old member faces – Hackworths, Glenores, McIntoshes, Weeks and almost as old ones, Becks, Stevens, Webers, Crooks, Thackwells. The whole gang was brought together by the Buotes (with Willie Nagle along for the meal) and the Watsons who have done this for a couple of years now and seem to be signed up for another one.

Thanks to everyone for sharing our last breakfast of the year. Hope to see you at the November MLR, the Toys For Tots Run and the Holiday Party to round out 2018.

WB1 WB2 WB3 WB4 WB5 WB6 WB7 WB8 WB9 WB10 WB11 WB12 WB13 WB14 WB15 WB16 WB17 WB18 WB19 WB20 WB21 WB22


11/10/18 Vettes for Veterans









An ALL CORVETTE car show Honoring San Diego Area Veterans.

Vettes For Veterans 2018

It was very, very chilly at 7 a.m as the group heading to this year’s Vettes for Veterans met at Kohl’s. Many of us had also looked at the weather forecast and thought the day would continue cool closer to the ocean, so were prepared with longer sleeves and jeans. The “caravan” included the Crooks, Ray McIntosh, Mike Re, Wes and Carole Carroll, Rose Streets and Bob Smith, Jim Sommars, Bill Stedfield, the Stevens, the Weeks and the Webers. Joe Priebe met us at Kohl’s but left ahead since he doesn’t push the beautiful red car as hard. John and Fritzi McDermott took theirs on the trailer, so left way ahead of us. Skip Hipp brought along his friend, Carlos, just for the fun and not to show his car. Unfortunately, the Crowthers didn’t make it as they had returned from Maui very late the night before. John Olivas and Manny Macedo came down later in the morning so did not go with the group. Doug Barnette, a former COTV member, was parked right behind us.

Mike Re, taking his responsibilities as the new activities guy for 2019 seriously, led us down to the Shoppes at Carlsbad. Everyone appreciated his bringing print-outs of the route and giving clear directions over the radio. We all got there together and in one group, so got parked all together in the row that the McDermotts and Joe had started. Once we got set up, the majority of us headed to either Leap Coffee or Panera and got a cup of coffee to wake us up. We might have wanted a warm up as well, but the weather immediately got sunny and much warmer than we had expected. Almost immediately after we got parked, a group arrived to park across from us and it turned out to be our travel buddies from San Diego, the North County club. If you go to the major local events like Plastic Fantastic and Vettes for Veterans, you see the same cars and faces, so it is one big friendly Corvette family. We collected our goody bags, bought our raffle tickets and checked out the Silent Auction items, before either sitting and chatting or walking around to see the other cars.

The judging at Vettes for Veterans is done by veterans from either the Semper Fi Fund or the Cal-Diego Chapter of the Paralyzed Veterans of America, the chosen charities of the organizing North Coast Vettes. This is somewhat different from the participants’ choice of Plastic Fantastic or the more professional judging we see at Monterey. This means that our choices for winning cars are not always the same as the ones that win. Unless, of course, it is one of our own cars.

The morning was spent pleasantly and then most folks went for an early lunch at Islands or the Yard House or Panera Bread. We also checked out the raffle prizes at the hourly drawings and the trivia contest. Bill Stedfield won a trivia prize. Mike Re, the Webers and the Carrolls won raffle baskets. At 2 p.m they drew the last raffle tickets, announced the silent auction winners and then presented the cash awards for the actual cars selected by the vets. As usual, Joe Priebe, was our COTV winner and generously returned his winnings to the charity fund. Our friend, Doug, also was a winner and did the same. COTV almost won an award for attendance, with 15 cars registered, but ended up third. Maybe next year!

To most of us, the point of the show is to be there and support the charity, not necessarily to take home a prize. The majority of the participants in this show are veterans and this is a celebration of their service to our country on Veterans Day.

Pics from Darlena & Curt

Curt1 Curt2 Curt3 Curt4 Curt5 Curt6 Curt7 Curt8 Curt9 Curt10 Curt11 Curt12 Curt13 Curt14 Curt15 Curt16 Curt17 Curt18 Curt19 Curt20 Curt21 Curt22 Curt24 Curt25 Curt26 Curt27 Curt28 Curt29 Curt30 Curt31 Curt32 Curt33 Curt34 Curt35 Curt36 Curt37 Curt38 Curt39 Curt40 Curt41 Curt42 Curt43 Curt44 Curt45 Curt46 Curt47 Curt48 Curt49 Curt50 Curt51 Curt52 Curt53 Curt54 Curt55 Curt56 Curt57 Curt58 Curt59 Curt60 Curt61 Curt62 Curt63 Curt64 Curt65 Curt66 Curt67 Curt68 Curt69 Curt70 Curt71

Pics from Daryl & Rob

Rob1 Rob2 Rob4 Rob5 Rob6 Rob7 Rob8 Rob9 Rob10 Rob11 Rob12 Rob13 Rob14 Rob15 Rob16 Rob17 Rob18 Rob19 Rob20 Rob21 Rob23 Rob24 Rob25 Rob26 Rob27

Pics from Wes

w W1 W2 W3 W4 W5 W6 W7 W8 W9 W10 W11 W12 W13 W14 W15 W16

C-1 Vette

C-1 Vette

W18 W19 W20

C-1 Vette

C-1 Vette

C-1 Vette

C-1 Vette

C-2 Vette

C-2 Vette

C-2 Vette

C-2 Vette

C-2 Vette

C-2 Vette

C-3 Vette

C-3 Vette

C-3 Vette

C-3 Vette

C-4 Vette

C-4 Vette

C-4 Vette

C-4 Vette

C-6 Vette

C-6 Vette

C-6 Vette

C-6 Vette

W32 W33 W34 W35 W36 W37 W38 W39 W40 W41 W42 W43 W44 W45 W46 W47 W48 W49 W50 W51 W52 W53 W54 W55 W56 W57 W58 W59 W60 W61 W62 W63 W64 W65 W66 Version 2 W68 W69 W70 W71 W72 W73 Version 2 W75 W76 W77 W78 W79 W80 W81 W82 W83 W84 W85 W86 W87 W88 W89 W90 W91 W92 W93 W94 W95 W96 W97 W98 W99 W100 W101 W102 W103 W104 W105 W106 W107 W108 W109 W110 W111

10/28/2018 MLR Hosted by Ann & Tom Lontz



Mystery Lunch Run

October 28, 2018

We will be changing the name of the October MLR to the Mystery Lontz Run in honor of Tom and Ann who led us on a great drive today and have already signed up to repeat in October 2019. Let’s give them a big hand for COTV spirit above and beyond. They have hosted or will host a run each year of their membership.

Not too many days ago the car count for the run was 15 per John Vara. Today we had 30 cars and 56 people. Some of our members brought along guests: Bruce had Vicky as his co-pilot; the Glenores were joined by their former neighbors, Carla and Anthony Thomas; and Marti Schoemann’s sister Lynne and nephew Max came in Marti’s blue ’02. Amazingly, Ronette Garduno and Norm Craig had no guests and actually were both in the same car for a change. Among our newest members in attendance were Murray and Eva Gruber, Tom and “Elle” Ramsey, and John and Barbara Rider. Unfortunately, not with us for the Run, but in our thoughts, was John Meyer who just had by-pass surgery. Get well soon, John!

The day’s route took us out 79 for about 36 miles and a rest stop at the Warner Spring Golf Course, where the manager took pictures of all the cars in the lot and on the road. We continued east and then made a right onto 76 west and past Lake Henshaw. Then we started up those lovely, winding roads to the Palomar Observatory and back down. We didn’t get to drive too fast since there was also a major bicycle event on all of these scenic roads, so we had to share the space. As Vickie said, she was glad to be going downhill in a Corvette and not uphill on a bicycle. Most of us shared that sentiment. After we got back onto 76 west we still hit some traffic since folks were heading home from a weekend with their camper, trailer, dirt bikes, etc. But it wasn’t too far until we turned into the Casino Pauma and wended our way to the back and the Buffet. Tom and Ann had pre-paid our entry with tax, tip, etc. from what we had pre-paid them so it was an easy transfer from car to food. Unfortunately, Marti’s nephew did not make the age cut for the casino so they were unable to join us for lunch. We missed them!

After lots of lunch (amazing how much you can find to eat at a buffet!) and lots of conversation, everyone left on their own schedule. As always, our thanks go to the hearty souls who volunteer to plan and lead our MLRs and we look forward to next year’s Mystery Lontz Run. See you next month and bring your appetite!

Pics by Judy & Ray


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1019/18 – 10/21/18 COTV Goes to San Diego


COTV Headed for San Diego
Oct 19 – 21, 2018
We Were Led by Hans & Alma Boers
We stayed at the Courtyard by Marriot San Diego Old Town
We had Dinner in Old Town at
Café Coyote
– Spent the night at Courtyard by Marriott,
San Diego, Old Town
– Saturday, We took a  Tour by Corvette
The Four Group Leaders were:


Judy and Ray 

Lynne and John

Alma and Hans

Darlena and Curt 


We Saw: La Jolla Shores – Paradise Point
Liberty Station – Mt. Soledad – O’Gara La Jolla
Cabrillo Monument – Imperial Beach Pier
Seaport Village- Hotel Del & Much, Much More


Lunch at the Corvette Diner
– Saturday We Had Dinner at Seasons 52
near Sea Port village
– Sunday We Went to a Car Show
And then Had Lunch at Coasterra 
on the waterfront of Harbor island 



The ever-changing group of COTV travelers, flexing with some cancellations and even some re-bookings, finally settled at 24 people and 12 cars on Friday, October 19th. The Webers brought along the XLRV, an almost-Corvette, because the low front end on the ZR-1 cannot deal with the streets of San Diego, so if you don’t recognize the black car, that is why. The eager travellers included Simon and Terry, Hans and Alma Boers, Harry and Sharon Finch, JR Knight and Nyla Finch (on their first ever COTV event), John and Fritzi McDermott, Ray and Judy McIntosh, Steve and Marsue Page, Randy and Angela Smith, Jim and Diane Sommars, Curt and Darlena Stevens, John and Lynne Vara, and Rob and Daryl Weber.

The whole weekend was conceived of and planned in great detail by Hans, the ultimate party planner. Since he and Alma had lived in San Diego for many years (his family moved there in 1959), he wanted to show everyone else all of his favorite places. Our base of operations was the Old Town area and many of us stayed at the Courtyard by Marriott while others stayed at the nearby La Quinta. Our first dinner was a very short walk up to San Diego Avenue for Mexican food and Margaritas at Cafe Coyote.

On Saturday morning we jammed all the cars in to a small cul-de-sac next to the Courtyard and split into 4 groups of 3 cars each for a day of sight-seeing. Each group had a lead car (Boers, McIntoshes, Stevens and Varas) and an itinerary to follow, with two route plans. Unfortunately, San Diego’s busy event schedule made some last minute changes to the routes as there were marathons in both Old Town and Balboa Park, which limited access. The beautiful weather also brought out larger crowds than anticipated and therefore heavier traffic in many of the points of interest. So each group adapted as needed. Hans and Alma had JR and Nyla in their group and made sure to hit all the high spots so that they would really enjoy their first excursion. The majority of us met for lunch at the Corvette Diner in Liberty Station which normally has plenty of parking and plenty of space inside, but had limited access this time. We did sit in the Corvette Clubhouse, sponsored and decorated with photos and memorabilia provided by the Corvette Owners Club of San Diego. Our waitress had definitely been hired for her “vibrant” personality and carrying voice, but the experience was exactly as advertised…a 50s diner with a live DJ, lots of noise, lots of food and malts and shakes. After lunch the groups swapped itineraries.

Most everyone got back to the hotels in time to relax, shower, change or whatever they chose to do before heading to dinner at Seasons 52 in Seaport Village. There we were surprised to see Al and Vickie Hackworth, accompanied by Chuck and Terry Isenberg who were on an RV trip from St Louis and were “camping” with the Hackworths in Chula Vista. It was great to see them again and the now 28 member group headed inside for a noisy and happy dinner in a private room. Hans had arranged both a dedicated parking area without the normal valet charge and the private room. Seasons 52 has a varied and constantly changing menu so there was something for everyone to try. After dinner, we reversed course back to the hotels.

Ten of the group headed home in the morning and 14 of us met at Coasterra on Harbor Island for lunch on Modern Mexican food overlooking the bay. The Webers, of course, found a car show in Seaport Village called “Cops and Rodders” to check out before lunch so there are some photos of that included.

As always, we send many, many thanks to Hans and Alma for all the planning on this trip and to the various group leaders who got us around San Diego without getting too lost. Hans, are you planning anything for 2019?
















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