06/10/2018 COTV Picnic at Bleak House

bleak house

Annual COTV Membership Picnic

Please Join the Fun!


Meet At Kohl’s Parking Lot at 10:15 am

Reminder: For those attending the June 10th picnic. Bring your popup chair for the lawn if you have one. There are plenty of shade trees, games (horse shoes, croquet, bocce ball, ping pong) and a pool. Wear clothes and shoes you’d wear to a campground. We have some hills and short trails, but we have UTVs for help transporting and Handicap parking too. If you don’t like iced tea, lemonade, punch, coffee, tea or water, then bring your own drinks. Bring your side dish or snack food. Looking forward to seeing you!
38690 Chaparral Dr., Temecula
Text Terry’s cell if you have questions: 909-519-6044

Caravan Leaves for the Bleekers at 10:35 am.


The Picnic will start at 11:00 or so after a short hike
Be sure to bring your rock climbing gear!


And then of course we’ll need a swim


(Well, if we had a flyer, you could go here….maybe later)

After that – Lunch!


To Reserve your spot, RSVP TO:

Teresa Bleeker


Contact Teresa at





deadline for signing up
for the Picnic is

Friday, June 1

(at the general meeting would be a good
time for you to tell Teresa you will be attending.


Be Sure to sign up for a Side Dish or Snack Food with Teresa.



What you will need to bring to the Bleekers:

1. A folding chair to sit on
2. Something to Drink
(If you don’t like iced tea, lemonade, punch, coffee, tea or water)
(beer/wine-OK but nothing over 20 proof)

Catering (the Bleekers) will have their mesquite grill on site and provide the following:

Sirloin Burgers
All Beef Hot Dogs
Choices of Condiments
Macaroni and Cheese
Baked Beans
Tossed Green Salad with Green Apples and Feta

Reserve no later than Friday, June 1 by contacting Teresa Bleeker at



Image result for bleeker family crest

05/29/18 – 06/9/18 Monterey Coast Corvette Cruise



2018 Monterey Coast Corvette Cruise

May 31, June 1 and 2

Hosted by Monterey Peninsula Corvette Club

Join Glenores, Haleys, Pages, Priebes, Res, Sommars, Stedfields, Stevens, & Webers


It’s time to get ready for the 2018 Monterey Coast Corvette Cruise Event. Prepare yourselves for a fun packed weekend on California’s beautiful Monterey peninsula.

The Event is Closed for registration but you can still go up for the show and go on the after trip.




The “Wild Bunch” (because they frequently have different colored hair) is planning on using the Monterey event as the corner stone for a COTV trip before and after the Monterey event. We’ll be taking a couple of days to get to Monterey and then after Monterey heading for points North. The COTV calendar has all the day by day details.

Want to Know Where the


Trip is going?

Go to the COTV calendar and look ahead to May 29 through June 9.
Book your hotel rooms for the Before & After Trip
early. Availability at some locations is limited.
Contact: COTVEvents@gmai​ for details



5/29 Tuesday – Temecula 250 mi to San Luis Obispo 

Road Captains: Darlena & Curt

New Rally Point

Meet at 0800 at 
Goodfellas Café, 1090 Pomona Rd, Corona, Corona

Exit the 91 at Lincoln – go North to Pomona

Goodfellas is on the Right   

Wheels turning at 0830!

Potty break at a Starbucks in Pasadena.
Lunch at the Santa Barbara Brewing Company.
We have a tentative appointment for a tour of
the Mendall’s Museum of Gasoline Pumps
and Petroliana at 2:30p in Buellton.  Dinner at Apple Farm Restaurant at 6:30pm.
Apple Farm Inn
Image result for apple farm inn
2015 Monterey Street, San Luis Obispo
Group rates 5-25 Rooms 7 day cancellation policy
30 day room release for all un-booked rooms


Don’t forget to Let Daryl & Rob Know if you Want to go with the Group to Canepa Motorsports on Thursday
Image result for canepa motorsportsImage result for canepa motorsports

(Sorry, We Will Not Be Taking A Hot Lap – or 2 – Around Laguna Seca This Year.)

Local Dining Suggestions

Friday = Tarpy’s Roadhouse
Image result for tarpys monterey

Wednesday = Fish Hopper


Embassy Suites Lodging …
Single/Dbl Occupancy $204; Triple Occupancy $224;
Quad Occupancy (bring all your friends!) $249, plus taxes & $10 per day parking

05/20/2018 Plastic Fantastic


NCOCC 41st Plastic Fantastic

Plastic Fantastic XXXXI All Corvette Car Show

The Big Winner
Joe Priebe


The Other Winners

Daryl & Rob 3rd Place C6

Rose & Bob 3rd Place C5

Even More Winners!
PF93 PF90 PF89 PF83 PF81


It was a cool and gray San Diego day, but COTV enjoyed the fun of the 41st Plastic Fantastic anyhow. We went from not knowing if anyone would be making the trip down to having 14 member cars plus one from the other Temecula Club and another with DJ and Claire, who plan on becoming members. If they had already been signed up we would have tied for 2nd largest club participation with North Coast Corvettes, although not being close to catching up to Pacific Coast who always run away with the title, this year with 35 cars.

The Crowthers, Sommars and Webers had made a long weekend of it, so were already either on-site or on the way when the group came into view. Although the gates were not scheduled to open until 8am, we were all in place about 7:30 and John and Fritzi were there even before the rest. We got good spots along the edge of the grass, set up our chairs and then went to get our free gifts and buy raffle tickets. Then everyone voted their People’s Choice ballots before hunger overcame us all after the early start to the morning.

A group of 26 headed to Harbor House where they had set up a nice long table on the upstairs deck and with a very efficient service team, took all our orders and got the first food on the table in less than 15 minutes. Bill Steed lost $1 to Rob Weber as he bet that would not happen (we may have failed to mention to Bill that we had ordered appetizers). After a good lunch we headed back to see if we had won any raffle prizes and then waited for the award ceremony.

The surprise was the third place in the C6 category as AIR ZR1 is a little past the prime of competition. Then Rose and Bob won third place in the C5 category – not a surprise. The next surprise was that neither Joe Priebe nor Bill Steed won in their classes, which is usually a given. Joe then redeemed the whole day by winning Best in Show. That meant we could all pack up and head out, although the Crowthers, Sommars and Webers will be on the road on Monday so have one more relaxing night in San Diego.


TO GO TO THE PICTURES PAGE, Plastic Fantastic 2018 Pics, GO HERE

05/15/2018 Breakfast at the Bomb Shelter



Look at them Jump! Its Bomb Shelter Time!
Image result for bomb shelter perris
Carol and Marilyn said –  Breakfast at the Bomb Shelter!!!
Image result for bomb shelter perris

Breakfast Social

May 15, 2018

It happened again! Marilyn and Carol rang the breakfast bell and COTV came running. At least about 30 members ran or drove to The Bomb Shelter Restaurant at Sky Dive Perris to do what we do best – talk and eat.

The usual suspects were first in place, although Chuck Calagna and Bruce Mofford trade places for #1 on the scene and today was Chuck’s day. When the second wave arrived (Glenores, McDermotts and Webers), we found Skip Hipp keeping the other two company. Then, just as the ladies at the restaurant got the registers fired up and the cooks behind the counter got the griddles fired up, the rest of the group started to pour in. The gate for parking on the tarmac had to be manually opened by someone from the hangar so that slowed things down, but only a little.

Bob and Monica Clark were able to fit us into their schedule today and it was good to see them since work seems to limit their ability to participate. It is a long drive from San Diego just for breakfast, so we were really glad to have their company. Marti Schoeman was also able to join us and since she is often in China for business, we were glad to catch her in between trips.

For the most part, the rest of the attendees were real regulars and we are always glad to see all of them and catch up on what is being done to cars and what trips are being planned. We look forward to more of the same next time with Carol and Marilyn.



B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B6 B7 B8 B9 B10 B11 B12 B13 B14



4/29/18 MLR Hosted by Lynne & John Vara


We Met at KOHL’S at 9AM & hit the road at 9:30

It Was A Long Ride!


Mystery Lunch Run

April 29, 2018

Not only are John and Lynne Vara willing to volunteer to coordinate the MLR schedule and find leaders for 11 months a year, but they also do an awesome job of leading one themselves. Last time we went to Palm Springs for a buffet at Agua Caliente, but this time we did not go quite as far, not QUITE AS FAR. Considering they have not even lived locally that long, they have been searching far and wide for excellent roads and, even better, excellent food…… and they have clearly been successful.

John has also mastered the technique of getting people to RSVP for these runs – just be really, really persistent and send plenty of e-mails. So our turn-out for this April run was a very healthy 34 cars and 63 participants.

Among the attendees were a number of new faces. As Jim Sommars stated, we don’t need to recruit new members, we just ask Norman Craig to bring them along. Norm and Ronette had both of their cars – one driven by Norm and the other by his brother, George, who said he really enjoyed the drive. They also had another friend, Stevie, with them to fill out those two cars, as well as John and Martina, in a third car. Al and Nicole Villa, who joined after being Bruce Mofford’s guests a few months back, brought their own guests, Chris and Lucy, in a lovely blue C7 Grand Sport.

Jason Marshall had to work today, but Joethel brought along both their red C7 and their now 14 year old daughter (Congratulations and happy birthday, Krista!) who apparently found the combination of her mother’s driving and the curvy roads a bit much for her stomach. She said she had been looking forward to having her day with us all, but maybe she is re-thinking that unless the next one is a straighter road. Chuck Sherman brought his brunette daughter, Debbie. Mike and Denise Re were glad to be back in SoCal after a visit to cold, windy and snowy Chicago for their daughter’s baby shower. Doug and Marilyn Glenore got back yesterday from a spur of the moment trip to Hawaii, which included a cruise around the islands. Leonard and Carol Buote were back from the Corvettes of Bakersfield Gambler’s Classic in Laughlin, where they had lots of fun.

Unfortunately, this was the last MLR for Chuck and Terry Isenberg who sold their home in record time and are heading back to the St. Louis area to be closer to family. They will miss SoCal, but not as much as they will be missed by their COTV friends. They will be coming to their last meeting on May 10, so make sure to stop by and wish them well in their new adventures.

Now that we have caught up on the social chit-chat, let’s talk about the marvelous run the Varas had mapped out for a very pleasant April day with temps ranging from the low 50s in higher altitudes to the lower-mid 60s. We left the parking lot and regrouped at our usual spot past Butterfield Stage Road, then proceeded east on 79. This is when the speculation starts – where do you think we are going? Is it the same as last month? When do we eat? After about 15 miles, we turned left on 371 in the direction of Anza. Our potty stop was the good old, smoky Cahuilla Casino. Then we continued on 371 to the Pines to Palms or Palms to Pines (depending on which direction you are driving) Highway and turned left toward Idyllwild/Hemet. We turned right on 243, the Idyllwild/Banning Panoramic Highway and made our way through Idyllwild (no lunch there because there is neither enough parking nor a restaurant that would hold our group) and then the rest of a 28 mile very curvy drive (sorry, Krista!) along the ridges with great views and downhill to the “lovely” town of Banning.

Generally, Banning is a town you pass through on the way to somewhere else, like the Colorado River. Who knew that on Ramsey Street, there is a place called Johnny Russo’s Italian Kitchen, which served our very large group a very good meal. We had a separate room and a select menu of 6 sandwiches, 2 kinds of lasagna or a full salad. Each dish came with bread, a salad to start and potato chips and pasta salad alongside the main course, plus a drink of your choice. John and Lynne had asked us all to make our choice in advance and Lynne had provided everyone with “tickets” showing our individual choices for the waitresses. It went very smoothly and they served more than 60 of us very efficiently. Maybe this is the wave of the future for such large group events. The food was good and there was plenty of it. So everyone headed out fat and happy!

John and Lynne gave us a wonderful drive on a great day and showed some of us new roads and reminded others of places we hadn’t been in a while. We want to thank the Varas for being among the newer members who have stepped up to the plate to be active participants in COTV, even going as far as serving on the Leadership Team. Thanks for being a fun addition to a fun group, COTV!



3/25/18 MLR hosted by Jim and Diane Sommars



We Met at KOHL’S at 9AM and departed at 9:30

It was A Long Ride!

As the Sun Rose Over the Yardarm, Jim & Diane Arrived!



At least it wasn’t raining for our March MLR, but it was pretty chilly. The skies were cloudy and even when the sun came out from behind them at 8:30 or 9:00 am it was still very, very cool. Even transplants from the East Coast had to agree that jackets were in order. Jim and Diane Sommars were in command of this event and they had their list and sealed envelopes in hand. There were 32 cars on the RSVP list, but only 27 actually left the parking lot and that included some new faces who were not even expected. Mickey Diehl’s guest was her friend Diane, who Mickey claims had never driven with her so she wasn’t sure how enjoyable she would find it. Steve Page had his friend Mike McGraw from Vancouver, WA along for the ride. Mike has 3 Corvettes of his own and from what Steve has told us, a pretty decent collection that we hope to go and see at some point. Captain Norman Craig had signed up for two extra cars of “guests”. One was Harold and Kathy Stephens who used to be members some years ago and brought their application form with them so they could rejoin and legally use the badges they had kept. The other couple was their friend “Crazy” Bob and Kathy’s friend, Jasmine, who had not met before today, so we could call this their first date. We also had the two Tonys, one of whom had attended a previous meeting with his wife some time ago. The last new face was D.J., who had recently purchased a red C7 and was out getting gas when he saw us. He parked in the midst of all the COTV cars and we invited him along for the run. Jim provided a walkie-talkie and DJ contributed his lunch money and became part of the group just as easily as that. We hope he will be back.

Jim has always said he likes LONG rides. So when he and Diane are in charge of an MLR, we had all better like LONG rides. Now, it should be stated that in addition to long rides, Jim favors rides over the Ortega Highway to San Juan Capistrano, so the old hands in the group were prepared to head in that direction. Much to our surprise, we did not go to see the swallows this time! We headed out for a familiar staging spot along 79 east bound just past Butterfield Stage. Then we just kept going and going, making a potty stop at the Warner Springs Golf Club, and then going and going east, up to Julian, through Julian, and then bearing slightly left onto 78 East. Clearly this was not the way to San Juan Capistrano and maybe not even to San Diego. It was the way down into the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park and then onto S3 and into Borrego Springs itself, but not where we have ended up in the past.

This time we went to the Rams Hill Golf Club, where we were greeted and treated very well – with a separate parking area and a shuttle to the Club House for those who needed it. We had our own private room and special menu with four choices: (1) a salad with large pieces of grilled salmon; (2) a pulled pork sandwich with fries; (3) a tri-tip steak sandwich with fries; and (4) a turkey wrap with fries. Soft drinks, tea and coffee were included and there was a full bar for those who wanted something stronger.

After lunch, Jim suggested that folks could head back the same way or up S22, which is our usual way of getting to Borrego Springs. Al also suggested stopping to see some of the Ricardo Breceda sculpture spread around the desert area nearby. Breceda’s metal sculpture is very familiar to those in the Temecula area and his leaping horses can be seen along 79 East.

Most of us headed out with all the traffic towing sand equipment back to Temecula. If you were lucky, you got over the twisty hills, but many of us slowed down as we got closer to Temecula with the lack of passing opportunities on 79.

Thanks to Jim and Diane for surprising us with the destination but not the wonderful drive!!!!




3/20/18 Breakfast at Corky’s



W E    D I D   B R E A K F A S T




If you ever had any doubts about COTV’s ability to eat, a week like this one will put them to rest – lunch at Precision on Saturday, breakfast at Corky’s on Tuesday and a Mystery Lunch Run on Sunday to who knows where but with food, all in the span of 9 days. This Corky’s, chosen by Carol and Marilyn, is on the edge of Murrieta and officially in Perris. We heard that they were always busy, even though open 24 hours a day. They seemed quiet when we arrived but certainly were pretty full when we left. They told Rob that they serve 1100 meals on a Sunday in their location, so we are glad they could fit us in.

There were about 30 COTV folks in attendance, including Maya, Kim and Val Sparks’ granddaughter, who has won enough raffle prizes at COTV meetings to almost be considered a member. She and her grandfather came in his Model A instead of the Corvette. Steve Ryan brought his friend Mike, who had joined us at a previous breakfast social. As always, Skip Hipp was there early to make sure things were being set up for us and he even beat Bruce Mofford to be first on site this time. After all, it is more in his neck of the woods. Even Willie Nagle joined the group to show how great she looks with her weight loss from her new eating plan.

If you come to Corky’s hungry, it is guaranteed that you won’t leave that way. The breakfasts are HUGE. An omelette is made with 5 eggs, a regular breakfast or skillet has 4 and the only way to get less is to order the Senior Breakfast, which has only 2 eggs but comes with all sorts of other stuff. The waitresses did a great job ferrying full plates of food to everyone as they sat down and no one seemed to wait very long for either food or coffee. A HUGE thank you to the staff, from start to finish, from seating to serving.

We wonder where the Breakfast Queens will take us next time. They sure are doing a fantastic job finding just the right places. They probably get some assistance from Bill and Leonard, so let’s give all four of them a big hand!





3/17/2018 Precision Alignment Customer Appreciation Day



green vette 3
Noon to Whenever – It WAS A PARTY!

Precision Alignment & Brake in Temecula, where…

Scott, his wife, Stephanie & Family are Proud Sponsors of COTV

They Celebrated their 30th Anniversary With A

30 gif



Several Awards Were Given

Best Hat
Worst Hat
Best Shamrock
Best Bird Feeder
Second Best Bird Feeder (Honorable Mention-Hat)


Let’s start off with a hearty thank-you from about 50 stalwart COTV members who joined an equal number of Drifters for Scott and Stephanie Dittmer’s Second Annual Customer Appreciation Day. All in attendance will tell you that the event was a resounding success. Although the group consists of two separate clubs, a love of cars is shared by all and there are also some cross-over connections. Ted Carli was a member of COTV for some time and is very active in the Drifters. Dayton Taylor is a member of both clubs. Debbie and Dave O’Donnell are the daughter and son-in-law of our very own Ted and Judy Venn and many of us see them and their beautiful car at lots of local events and have got to know them well. They were even a COTV Sponsor at one time.

We all dodged a bullet with the weather, which has been difficult to forecast, even for the professionals. There were probably fewer attendees than expected due to concerns about getting the cars wet and dirty. Since March 17th is not just Precision Day, but also Saint Patrick’s Day, there were more green shirts, beads, and silly hats (and some silly socks) than you can shake a stick at. Look among the photos for a view of Ray’s Irish attire and Al’s holiday hat. Curt and Darlena even brought along their delightful labradoodle, with his green-ish scarf. The party itself was set up inside the shop and people put their chairs wherever they could. Some even sat right near the central restroom, with its flashing red light to announce that it was occupied. The “fascinating” Patty Crowther and Susan Lokken had well-located seats between the food and the activities. Rob would also like to thank Susan Lokken for assisting with photos and saving him from getting out of his chair.

The event started with a Pledge of Allegiance and a remembrance of all the veterans among us and lost to us. Glenn Crowther had brought his sound system along with a huge range of music, but Scott had also asked Cynthia Lee to come and sing classic ballads, as she did at our Holiday Party just a few months ago.

As we are coming to expect, Scott did a tremendous job organizing on his end and there were more than enough burgers, hot-dogs and drinks to go around. We all matched his generosity by loading up the tables with various salads, baked beans, chips and dips, crackers and cheese, and, of course, lots and lots of dessert in the shape of brownies, cookies, cupcakes, and some good-for-you fruit options.

In addition to the bounty of food, there were some opportunities to spend money on a variety of unusual sort of car related items, as well as a regular cash 50/50, which came up to $220 or $110 to the winner. After the rush for the cooked food had slowed down, Scott proceeded with the prize segment of the day. Paul Garcia of the Drifters was the lucky winner of the 50/50 and Scott then donated the other half or $110 to Cynthia Lee, our songstress. A number of tickets were drawn for a choice between two items, a bird feeder made of re-purposed license plates and a huge car key holder made of horseshoes in the shape of a shamrock and painted green. (You have to see it to understand that one!) Bill Stedfield, Marilyn Glenore and John Vara won bird feeders and Rose Streets and Marilyn Glenore won the shamrocks. Marilyn then re-gifted her bird feeder to Rose who had shown an interest. The even more unusual prize was a converted drive-in theater speaker with Wi-Fi and Blue Tooth capability. The speakers came from a theater in Hutchinson, Kansas. The first three went to members of the Drifters and the final prize of the day went to our own Rob Weber who can add this item to his memorabilia/paraphernalia collection.

Thanks again to Scott, Stephanie and Chris Dittmer for a tremendous day. We appreciate you too!




09/19/2018 – 10/01/2018 North to Alaska – COTV Princess Cruise


“Way up north, Way up north,
North to Alaska, Go North, the Rush is On”




1) It’s Going to Be a Fun Cruise!!
Cruise with COTV Members and have a great time.

A BON VOYAGE party will be held in the Wheelhouse Lounge!
Harry & Sharon, Doug & Marilyn, Dave & Karen,
Jim & Susan, Jim & Diane, Bill & Marilyn, Jeanette & Jay and Daryl & Rob


2) No need to wait to reserve your stateroom.
Book as soon as possible to take advantage
of the current promotions.


Reserving a stateroom as soon as possible is

Prices are currently about $100- $150
lower per-person than they may be later.

For those of you thinking of joining the North to Alaska cruise in October be aware that the group rates and all amenities expire on Jun 8. After that date all rates revert to published rates. So if you are interested please get your reservation in by June 8 in order to take advantage of our (COTV) group rates.


3) Deposit right now is only $100 per-person and is fully refundable until the final payment date of June 29th.


4) Reserving as soon as possible will also result in FREE
being added to everyone’s
shipboard account;
$200 per-cabin for an Inside or Oceanview and
$400 per-cabin for Balcony and above.

The difference in the credit alone
makes reserving a balcony a
great value.

The Fine Print:
Spending money may be used on a single voyage only, is not redeemable for cash, cannot be used in the casino, expires at the end of that voyage and
is not applicable during the land portion of cruise tours. Onboard
spending money is based on the ship’s onboard currency.


If you book before February 14 Princess offers:

  • Refundable, reduced deposit of just $100 per person
    until Feb 14.
  • After sale refundable deposit is 20% of cruise fare cost.
  • There is a free specialty dining night and onboard credit based on cabin category.
  • Triple and Quad Cabins are available but limited.

Optional Travel Protection Policy

  • 1. Travel Protection-Standard coverage is 8% of cruise fare.
  • 2. Travel Protection-Platinum is 12% of cruise fare.
  • 3. Both are secured at final payment.
  • 4. If you have sailed 3+ Princess cruises you will pay standard cost and receive the
    Platinum Protection policy.


5) Yes, there will be an opportunity for:
Ice Berg Rapelling, Swimming with the Seals & Running
with the Bears (actually running from the Bears-but you get the idea):

(9/19) Port of San Pedro, check in 1pm-3pm
(9/20) At Sea At Sea At Sea At Sea At Sea
(9/21) At Sea At Sea At Sea At Sea At Sea
(9/22) At Sea At Sea At Sea At Sea At Sea
(9/23) Ketchikan, Alaska – 7am – 4pm
(9/24) Juneau, Alaska – 9am – 10pm
(9/25) Skagway, Alaska – 7am-8:30pm
(9/26) Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska – xam – xpm
(9/27) At Sea At Sea At Sea At Sea At Sea
(9/28) Victoria, British Columbia – 12pm – 7pm
(9/29) At Sea At Sea At Sea At Sea At Sea
(9/30) At Sea At Sea At Sea At Sea At Sea
(10/1) Port San Pedro 0615am

(Oh No – We Have To Go Home)


6) If anyone in the stateroom is either an Active, Retired or Honorably Discharged military veteran, they can apply for an additional $100 shipboard credit
(more FREE money) for this cruise. Proof
of service is required, and we will
assist anyone who may qualify.

Inside Cabin $1599
Ocean View $2399
Balcony $2799
Mini-Suite Balcony $3699

Prices published as of 1-15-18 per person
(add $220 for taxes, fees, port exp.)




Book your cruise reservation through
Karen Hellman, COTV member & sponsor.

As a THANK YOU, she will provide a
$25 shipboard credit
for each stateroom.

Contact Karen
KH Travel 800-375-0863 KH Travel email


2/25/18 MLR Hosted by Bruce “The Bat” Mofford



We Met at KOHL’S at 9AM


Mystery Lunch Run



February 25, 2018





Bruce “the Bat” Mofford was the Lone Ranger in charge of the February MLR, making the arrangements, leading the group and trying to keep a bunch of 30 cars and somewhere between 50 and 60 crazy COTV-ers together. He did all this without written instructions so we had to keep our minds focused on following the leader.



It was still cool at the meeting place, so there were plenty of COTV jackets on display. Of course, some guys wear their shorts unless there is snow on the ground and we are not sure that would stop them either. The group consisted of the “usual suspects” – some newer members like Al and Nicole Villa, Steve Ryan, Leo Biller and Mimi La Fleur and some folks who were members in 2005 and are hopefully considering rejoining, Harold and Kathy Stephens. Lana Jenkins brought her friend Maureen, but since many of us cruised with her last Fall, she is not a stranger.



Unlike many past MLRs, this one stayed more local, meandering along Redhawk and around through many of the Temecula neighborhoods. If you live in Temecula, you probably realize how large it has grown, but if you don’t the size is mind-boggling. After we left the more residential area, we headed over to and then up Rancho California Road into the winery area. We drove on private roads, up and down hills, then on more familiar roads like Anza and De Portola, then looped back to Rancho California again and up to E. Benton. After about an hour of this tour of Temecula far and wide, we found the road changing to State Street and we stopped for our final oral instructions, which led us right into Hemet proper and the lunch stop at Bruce’s favorite restaurant, Applebee’s, at Kirby and Florida. The Lontzes were happy as it was only a 5 minute drive home for them, a major first.



At the meeting place Bruce had given us a “specialty menu” showing our 7 lunch choices, all priced at $12 per person and including chips & salsa, soft drinks, tip and taxes. So all we had to do was give our order to “The One and Only Wendy” who was the waitress for the whole group (although she got some help when the food starting rolling out of the kitchen.) Juan, the manager, assisted by collecting the $12 tab. The menu choices seemed to provide something for pretty much everyone.



The drive was a little shorter than some due to the local flavor and many of us got home earlier than usual, which is fine. It gave us a chance to warm up, watch the closing ceremony of the Olympics and get ready for the week to come. Thanks for your hard work at making this a fun day, Bruce.










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