Crater Lake National Park, Union Creek Resort/Beckies, Prospect, OR (lunch) to Ashland Hills Hotel & Suites


The day started as usual with the cleaning and packing of cars. Then it moved on to an attempt to gas up those same cars. The first station had no premium gas and the second station was a fair distance away from our selected route. However, it all worked out in the end and we set off up the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway again, this time to Crater Lake. It was a first visit for all but Curt and Darlena and their last trip was in 1976. Apparently not much has changed since all the buildings date back more than a century.

After a scenic drive, we entered the National Park and made our way to the Visitor Center, where we watched a video about the volcanic explosion that blasted the crater out of Mt. Mazama 7700 years ago. The crater then filled with absolutely pure water from centuries of snow falls. To this day, the area receives 44 feet of snow each winter and the lake is fed only by this source as there are no rivers running either into or out of it. The pureness of the water gives it the extreme blue color you see in the photos, even bluer than Lake Tahoe. We found out at the Visitor Center that only part of the Rim Road was open as they were still clearing away winter’s debris. So we knew we would not be able to drive the complete circuit. We made a number of stops, getting different angles of the Lake and Wizard Island. We also made friends with the wildlife, thanks to Rosemary’s bag of almonds which were very popular. We entered the Park at the southwest corner and exited at the North.

By then we were getting a little hungry so we drove through miles and miles of pine forests to the Union Creek Resort, built in 1922, and Beckie’s restaurant, where we were served huge lunches and even larger slices of homemade pie. Following lunch we made a bee-line for Medford and took Interstate 5 south to Ashland and the Ashland Hills Hotel and Suites.

There, Mike and Denise Re left the group to head home via freeway to make sure they would be there in plenty of time for their daughter’s birthday and the upcoming birth of their first grandchild. We will certainly miss their company as we finish off the last few days of the trip.

No one was very hungry for dinner, but we sat around to make plans for tomorrow’s leg to Sacramento. Unfortunately, the Sommars were unable to join us for this trip at the last minute so we will have to drive his leg for him.


Pics from Darlena & Curt

C317 C318 C319 C320 C321 C322 C323 C324 C325 C326 C327 C328 C329 C330 C331 C332 C333 C334 C335 C336 C337 C338 C339 C340 C341 C342 C343 C344 C345 C346 C347 C348 C349 C350 C351 C352 C353 C354 C355 C356 C357 C358 C359 C360 C361 C362 C363 C364 C365



Pics from Daryl & Rob

M732 M733 M734 M735 M736 M737 M738 M739 M740 M741 M742 M743 M744 M745 M746 M747 M748 M749 M750 M751 M752 M753 M754 M755 M756 M757 M758 M759 M760 M761 M762 M763 M764 M765 M766 M767 M768 M769 M770 M771 M772 M774 M775 M776 M777 M778 M779 M780 M781 M782 M783 M784 M785 M786 M787 M788 M789 M790 M791 M792 M793 M794 M795 M796 M797 M798 M799 M800 M801 M802 M803 M804 M805 M806 M807 M808 M809 M810 M811 M812 M813 M814 M815 M816 M817 M818 M820 M821 M822 M823 M824 M825 M826 M827 M828 M829 M830 M831 M832 M833 M834 M835 M836 M837 M838 M839 M840 M841 M842 M843 M844 M845 M846 M848 M849 M850 M851







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