Mofford sm

Hosted by Bruce Mofford


Great (MLR-XL) Turkey Run of 2K18

It will be a 100 mile ride (each way) with a bathroom break where you will be able to buy Corvette items, blankets, towels etc.
The cost is $15 plus tax, pay at restaurant, includes food, non-alcoholic drinks, dessert and tip.
Send an email to BruceAkaTheBat@gmail.com to sign up.



(This is VERY, VERY Important!)

RSVP By THURSDAY, November 22nd


We are having problems at the Restaurants

because some members are not

RSVPing for Themselves or their Guests.

We’d Love To Have You There…. but,

Our MLRs have a lot of attendees.

We can’t just show up with more

folks and expect to be seated.

You need to RSVP.