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10/25/15 Mystery Lunch Run Hosted by the Lokkens & the O’Briens

Posted October 2, 2015

MLRO129 MLRO128.

The Long and the Short of It

October 25, 2015

You have probably all heard that phrase … the long and the short of it. What it actually means is, the most important point or a summary of the whole thing. However, in COTV-speak, it means the difference between the September and October Mystery Lunch Runs for 2015. In September, the Priebes and Clarks led us on the long part of the equation in both time and distance and in October, the O’Briens and the Lokkens switched over to the short end of the equation. In fact, if Cyndee had carried out her original plan, it would have been one of the shortest MLRs on record. She must have been really hungry when she planned the route and was focused solely on getting to the restaurant. So for her the long and short of it or the most important point was not the Run but the Lunch.

There were 23 cars in the Kohl’s lot by the Drivers’ Meeting at a little after 9:30am on a somewhat cloudy morning. A few couples were unable to make it at all and the Rashes were there for the meeting but did not start the ride. Bill Steed came along to say hello, but didn’t go along either. Lou Long was having breakfast at Jack in the Box and came over to chat for a while and give Glenn Crowther an update on his new car. We had a brand new member, Dave Wilensky, in his brand new white C-7 (still with the Paradise paper plates!). His wife sent him along to be a guinea pig and see if he thought she would like us….we are keeping our fingers crossed that we will meet her on the next ride! So roll call included: Clarks, Crowthers, Filardos, Glenores, Steve Glenore, Hackworths, Dave and Dana Hellman, Isenbergs, McIntoshes, John Meyer and Skip Hipp, Moores, Priebes, Vance Weir and Susan Reichardt, Sommars, Thackwells, Vilgiates, Webersm Wells, Dave Wilensky, Lokkens and O’Briens.

Joan Thackwell was dressed in her pumpkin t-shirt and ghost socks and Cyndee was almost as festive in her ghostly top. Marilyn Glenore and Diane Sommars had their Halloween manicures on display. Cyndee gave out the sealed envelopes with a clever addition, our photos from the roster so we would know what we look like. Jim and Susan Lokken added bags of Halloween candy in case we needed a sugar boost along the way.

At about 10am, we filed out of the parking lot and headed into the depths of Temecula wine and horse country. Mike O’Brien drove and Cyndee gave the tour instructions, while we heard “Roger That” from their partners in crime along the way. Cyndee gave us advance warning that it was (1) a short run, (2) there were some roads that were familiar and a couple we had probably never been on, and (3) there were some parts we might not like, but our Corvettes would make it as theirs already had. In essence, we circled back and around on Rancho California, De Portola, Benton and through the Oakridge Ranches Equestrian community. The part that we “might not like” turned out to be a DIRT ROAD. We thought Corvettes didn’t do dirt, but somehow we all did it, although we were all a little less shiny at the end of the drive. Some of the DIPS were pretty dippy as well, especially for those of us more low to the ground. 

We ended up within walking distance of where we started at the Applebee’s on Temecula Parkway – one of Cyndee’s favorite places. She then told us that she had originally thought of just making a loop through the parking lots and going directly to Applebee’s. As we said, the long and short of it in this case or the point of the matter was the Lunch not the Run, although parts of the run were new and very pretty as well.

Thanks to the O’Briens and Lokkens for a howling good time, a week before Halloween!






10/15/15 Sponsor Appreciation Dinner – Guadalajara Grill

Posted October 2, 2015



5:30 pm  –  27780 Jefferson Ave, Temecula

5:30 pm


27780 Jefferson Avenue, #2

If you plan on attending RSVP to Vickie

10/04/2015 – 10/05/2015 Gumball Rally à Deux

Posted September 12, 2015



Image result for gumball rally




Over Hill, Over Dale
As We Rode the Rhyming Trail…..



Mistakes Were Made


There Were Winners




There Were Gumballs Given


There Were Hood Ornaments




There Were Gumballs Awarded


There Were Magnificent Vistas


There Were Box Lunches Galore


There Were Torrential Downpours


There Were Very Nice Places To Stay


There Were Gunfights To Be Survived


There Were Races To Test Your Courage


There Were Directions to Test Your Patience


There Were Old Cars In Which You Could Ride


There Were Roads Upon Which To Test Your Skill


There Were Temples And Villas Through Which To Roam


But Most Of All, There Was A Lot of Laughter




The Second Gumball Rally….


Hopefully Not the Last!

By 8:30am on Sunday, October 4, 24 “gumballs” in 12 cars were assembled under cloudy, sort of damp, skies at Douglas Burgers in Lake Elsinore to depart on Vickie’s Magical Mystery Tour. Our last Gumball Rally was 5 years ago, so she thought it was about time to plan a repeat and she surely did do a lot of planning – just ask her aide-de-camp, Al. The group consisted of some who had participated in the previous adventure and some who were novices – the Buotes, the Clarks, the Glenores, the Hackworths (of course), the Homans, the Kidds, the McIntoshs, the Pages, the Priebes, the Steeds, the Webers and the Weeks. We were sorry illness made it impossible for the Sommars and Rashs to join us at the last minute. Vickie presented each team (driver and navigator) with a travel kit of sorts – a brown paper shopping bag, a roll of aluminum foil, a picture of an empty gumball machine and our first of many instruction sheets. It was then that the thunderclap struck – there would be no coasting along on this trip, it would require full participation and as Vickie said, competitiveness and creativity.

Our first instruction sheet, in verse no less, would lead us to our first destination. Of course, it seemed to be in code as far as a lot of us were concerned and there were a number of calls asking “are you lost” as cars straggled in over a period of time. The route was on the 91 west to the 605 north to the 105 west but went all the way to the Nash exit right before LAX and we finally gathered at the Automobile Driving Museum on Lairport Street, where we were greeted by a welcome sign and the happy face of Jack from the Vette Set, who is a volunteer/docent there. Each couple gained 2 colored stickers or “gumballs” to add to their empty gumball machine for taking the tour of the museum and then 2 more for taking a ride in one of the 3 or 4 old cars (Edsel, Kaiser, Buick.) After we had completed those tasks, we were rewarded with a box lunch and our next set of instructions. We also increased in number to 25 gumballers and 13 cars as Steve Glenore met us at the museum for the rest of the event. Some chose to eat at the Museum and others headed out to the next rally point to eat there. We should state for the record that while we were driving and having heated discussions between driver and navigator, we were also multitasking by trying to fulfill the creative part of the game, coming up with an idea for a “hood ornament” we could make out of the foil and anything else we found along the way.

The second leg took us out the 405 to the 10 West to Pacific Coast Highway to Topanga Canyon, to Mulholland Drive (not Highway.) Along the way, we had to find the answers to a number of gumball winning questions (Plasma + Corvette Lubricant=?), ____________’s Donuts, the redundant importer (???), and take the first of a series of photos, this time of an Indian on Horseback. When we got to Stop 2, the Leonis Adobe and Plummer House (next to the Sagebrush Cantina, where many were ready to grab a margarita), we took a short tour and got the answers to questions about the location. Then we earned more gumballs depending on how well we did on the responses, the photos and the obtaining of a “passport” from the Leonis House. After the scoring was complete, we received the instructions to the next rally point.

We headed back into the Santa Monica Mountains Recreational Area and after some u-turns and backing and forthing, ended up at the ranch of the safety razor king, the King Gillette Ranch, where a lot of TV shows like M.A.S.H. were filmed. We had some questions to answer, of course, and some silly photos of one of the team posing like one of the animals who live in the area to take. Then we gained more gumballs and moved on to the next point, which turned out to be the Paramount Ranch, where they did more filming. One of answers to a question there was that they filmed Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman at this site and our photo assignments were a sexy pose from one teammate and a shootout with a total stranger for another teammate. 

Our next destination was back out of the hills and through the Agoura, Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village area and north on the 101 to the MB2 Indoor Kart Racing facility, where one teammate did 9 laps in one of the electric go carts and the other took photos. So we have now had 5 rally points and opportunities to earn gumballs as well as lunch (with all entry fees and food as part of the deal in addition to a selection of carefully crafted lunch containers and instruction materials for souvenirs) and only 2 more destinations to go before we can stop for the day. 

Back into the cars and through towns and countryside to Port Hueneme and Point Mugu, where we stopped at the Missile Park for a photo op and another question to answer. By this point, we were no longer under cloudy skies, but in a full-fledged downpour so the photo op was a quick one. We opened our last instructions and headed for our dinner and beds at the 4 star Mandalay Beach Resort, which is an Embassy Suites right on the beach in Oxnard. Our Corvettes turned into boats as we navigated the flooded streets of Oxnard to the hotel. 

For those who remember the previous Gumball Rally, there was a small issue of not every room having its own bathroom at the very old hotel in Los Alamos. Well, there was no such issue here, as each room had 2 rooms and TWO bathrooms. After checking in and working on the “hood ornaments”, we met for drinks and appetizers by the pool (under cover for sure!) and then dinner in the Coastal Grill. Everyone ordered off the menu and there were a lot of good options. Many of the group had fish and chips which was excellent and Doug and Steve Glenore also tried the lobster mac and cheese as part of Doug’s ongoing search for the best mac and cheese. Before our meals arrived, we determined who the winners of the gumball machine awards were. It was a tie between the Steeds and the McIntoshs, both of whom only missed 4 gumballs. The tie-breaker question determined the Steeds to be the winners and they each received a $50 award. The McIntoshs each received $20. We also had the presentation of the various “hood ornaments” and the popular vote awarded the Wide Load team (Glenores) the winning prize. The Cool Kidds also got lots of votes as did the crazy foil sock of the McIntoshs (wherever did they get that idea – just look at Ray’s feet next time you see him.)

After dinner and awards, Vickie discussed Monday’s plan, which was not a points and awards day, but the equivalent of a more simple Mystery Lunch Run, without the Lunch. We met in the parking garage at 9:15 for a 9:30 departure, all checked out and ready to go. We received sealed envelopes and then followed the leaders (Al and Vickie) down PCH to Malibu, where we went off the main drag and did a long detour around the curves of Mulholland Highway, For some drivers this was a lot of fun, but for some it was a “lot of work”.  We had a couple of stops and starts and U-turns along the way and then made a potty stop at the Malibu Hindu Temple where they welcome everyone and have a restroom (you must remove your shoes to enter the grounds). When we got back onto PCH, it was necessary to quench the thirst of the ZR1 which had about a 20-30 mile range left, so everyone patiently waited and then we finished our drive to our final destination, the Getty Villa. After we did a couple more U-turns we arrived to paid parking and reservations as part of our total Gumball experience. We all spent as much or as little time as desired at the museum and then made our separate ways back home. 

Bet there will be lots to talk about at our next Membership Meeting and Mystery Lunch Run. Now we just have to find someone organized enough or foolish enough or both to take on the task of planning another Rally, maybe 5 years from now. Let’s make sure Vickie is around to give guidance, because she is a really hard act to follow!



10/03/2015 Autocross at Fontana

Posted September 12, 2015





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9/27/2015 Mystery Lunch Run Hosted by the Clarks & Priebes

Posted September 12, 2015



Clark, Bob & MonicaPriebe, Joe & Rosemary


Over Hill, Over Dale

Mystery Lunch Run September 27, 2015

Joe and Rosemary Priebe and Bob and Monica Clark promised a “nice, long run” and they delivered. 

By 9am on an already warm Sunday morning a group of 29 cars and 50 eager “Corvetters” were raring to go and explore whatever part of Southern California, the intrepid team had mapped out and then to eat until we exploded at some place advertised as offering “great” food. The crowd included a lot of familiar faces, as well as some we have missed, Ron and Darlene, (so glad to see you!) and Brad and Esther, who have been too busy to have fun; some who haven’t been seen in years and years (Mike and Marga Kidd, Charter Members and longtime absentees in their new black C-7); brand new members today Fred Fox and his wife and son, Tyler (although Fred is the only one who turned up); and hopefully new members Mike, who recently bought Mike Kidd’s last black Corvette and his buddy. Hans Boers stopped by to see us off, although his recent back surgery doesn’t allow him to take very many drives and certainly not a “nice, long” one. 

At 9:30, we hit the road with a number of other Sunday drivers. We headed out on 79 South, winding out way through whatever the Spartan Races were at Vail Lake, the glider airport at Warner Springs and finally hitting our first target as promised about one hour in, the potty break at Santa Ysabel, where we had a choice of the three bathrooms at Don’s Market, the Julian Pie Company or the Apple Country Restaurant. Lana and Keith even had time to buy some pies at the Julian Pie Company. Then we set off up hill to Julian, which was very busy on such a summery September Sunday. We continued on 79 through Julian and south, through Cuyacama and Descanso, over hill and dale and past lakes which are a mere shadow of their former selves. After a long morning on winding mountain roads, we arrived at a freeway, I-8, but we only stayed on for a short distance and got off at the Viejas Indian Reservation. 

COTV Mystery Lunch Runs have introduced many of us to a number of new-to-us casinos over the years. They offer great parking lots for a bevy of beautiful Corvettes (in this case, parking under cover in the shade, which is very important in this heat) and big buffets with a selection of foods which will satisfy all types of appetites and dietary restrictions. September has been Chocolate Month at Viejas and there was chocolate infused beef stew or beef stir fry or “pizza” or 100s of chocolate desserts. This buffet includes unlimited beer, wine and champagne as well. Fortunately, everyone seemed to keep the long drive home in mind when ordering the last option.

Speaking of the long drive home, the Webers’ GPS said just under 100 miles from Viejas to home and for Brad and Esther, who have moved to Banning, it must have seemed like 1000 miles. We don’t know if anyone opted to reverse their course home through the hills, but it seemed most of the group took the 8 west to the 15 north and called it fair. We send our hugs, kisses and thanks to the Priebes and Clarks for an amazing day and eagerly await the next installment from the O’Briens and Lokkens on the weekend before Halloween. The bar has been set pretty high for all the rest of us who are planning Mystery Lunch Runs in the next year.


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09/26/2015 CRUSIN’ for a CURE

Posted September 3, 2015


Cruisin' for a Cure


Cruisin’ For A Cure

The world’s largest one day charity car show.

Want to see the Winner of the


16th Annual Show – Saturday, Sept. 26, 2015

Cruisin’ for a Cure 2015

A small group of COTV members spent a very warm Saturday supporting a great cause, finding a cure for prostate cancer, and looking at up to 3,500 hot rods, custom muscle cars, classic cars, trucks, Corvettes and other “specialty” vehicles. (The beauty of a “specialty” vehicle is often in the eyes of the owner alone, as can be seen by some of the photos.)

Leonard Buote and his son-in-law Tony were first to the OC Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa in the black beauty, followed by Rob and Daryl Weber in blue, then Doug Glenore in silver and Steve Glenore in white. The many volunteers, among them Allen Morris, the Regional Exec for the NCCC, guided us to the Corvette parking area so we were all together with a fairly large group from a variety of clubs. We were all in place by 6 or 6:30 and then set out to find coffee for those who needed some caffeine. Shortly after we arrived, we were joined by Doug Barnett, a former COTV member, who parked next to Steve Glenore and proceeded to clean his red addition to the color spectrum to within an inch of its life.

For most of us, this was a chance to see a huge variety of cars rather than to compete for awards. Rob saw some other Willys in the Meguiar’s exhibit, which displayed what a LOT of money can buy and build. We also talked to a man who has TWO blowers mounted side by side, and thus he won the “WHO’S GOT THE BIG ONE” trophy.

After breakfast burritos in the early morning and a lot of walking, the Glenores and Webers headed out at about 1pm into the traffic on the 55, 91 and 15 freeways and the 100+ degree heat of the Inland Empire. We had thought it was hot in Costa Mesa, but the ZR-1 read 108 degrees, so maybe it was really only warm. We will be signing up for next year again, so look on the COTV Calendar to set aside the date on your own calendar to go Cruisin’ for a Cure, September 24, 2016.


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09/17/2015 COTV goes to the Moonlight Theater

Posted September 3, 2015

Image result for moonlight amphitheater vista

COTV Goes to the Theatah!

 Although the group was somewhat reduced in size due to last minute cancellations, five COTV couples headed to the Moonlight Amphitheater in lovely Vista for a Thursday evening of musical theater under the non-moonlit skies at the very nice venue. They offer two different kinds of seating: reserved which are in regular rows of seats, although much wider apart, due to the “lawn seating” in between the reserved rows where you can use their beach chairs and spread out your picnic foods and tables. 

Vance and Susan, Bob and Monica, Ray and Judy and Rob and Daryl, with the organizational skills and picnic know-how of Al and Vickie, set up their table (Vickie’s) and beach chairs on the lawn in front of our reserved seating rows and shared a picnic of Vickie’s cedar plank smoked salmon, along with two kinds of chicken, cheese bread , watermelon and Judy’s mini-lemon cupcakes for dessert. Beer and wine were for sale, but most of us just brought along something to wash down all the delicious food. After cleaning up our picnic detritus and putting things back in the cars, everyone found their seats for the 7:30pm start of the show.

While most of us have been to local stage productions and found them to be somewhat amateurish, the Moonlight Theater was a major positive surprise, with excellent staging, talented cast members and lots of great visual effects. Rob and Daryl had seen the film described below, but were unsure how it could be turned into a musical. They were very pleasantly surprised. 

Big Fish is a 2003 American fantasy drama film based on the 1998 novel of the same name by Daniel Wallace. The film was directed by Tim Burton and stars Ewan McGregor, Albert Finney, Billy Crudup, Jessica Lange, and Marion Cotillard. Other roles are performed by Helena Bonham Carter, Matthew McGrory, and Danny DeVito among others. Finney plays Edward Bloom, a former traveling salesman from the Southern United States with a gift for storytelling, now confined to his deathbed. Bloom’s estranged son, a journalist played by Crudup, attempts to mend their relationship as his dying father relates tall tales of his eventful life as a young adult, played by Ewan McGregor.”

By the time the curtain finally came down, at least Judy and Daryl had a good sob or two. After the show, everyone headed to their cars for the drive home, saying that they would certainly consider a return visit. Next season, they are putting on Sister Act, Peter Pan, Titanic the Musical, and The Addams Family, so if one of those is your favorite, you now know where to go for a fun evening.

















9/04/2015 Breakfast Social at Burgers & Beers

Posted August 31, 2015




What better way to start the day than with…

Burgers and Beers?!?

Friday, September 4, was the most recent in a series of fun “breakfast socials” started by Vickie during her tenure as Activities Coordinator and it was a great way to kick off a holiday weekend. As always, Vickie had found a perfect patio for the group to meet on and had made all the arrangements perfectly….however, there was a small glitch as the manager at Burgers and Beers forgot to tell his morning staff that there would be a hungry horde of Corvettes and their owners descending on the restaurant at 9am (or earlier as is the norm with COTV events!) so the assistant manager, Jose, and his bus boy, Miguel, found themselves seating, providing coffee, taking orders, serving and doing separate checks for perhaps 40 club members. 

Yes, the name of the place is Burgers and Beers and they have lots of well, Burgers and Beers, on the menu, but they also have a very large selection of breakfast combos and they are all very generous in size and reasonable in price. There was an occasional delay in getting an order or part of an order to the table, but everyone was in a pre-holiday and understanding mood. Also, when there is a lot to talk about like: Doug and Marilyn’s Museum delivery and drive back in their 2016 silver convertible; Ray and Judy’s kitchen re-model; Grace Stell’s upcoming trip to Hawaii and Tahiti (without Charlie); Leonard and Carole’s Dream Cruise 2015 and all of the plans the Buotes, Glenores and Webers are making for Dream Cruise 2016 and beyond; who is doing what about Monterey and beyond 2016; and on and on…..

To thank COTV for being such a nice group, the staff gave out $10 gift cards to encourage us all to head back and order some, well, Burgers and Beer. That just might do the trick since we are sooooo easy!


.Burgers & Beer

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8/30/2015 Mystery Lunch Run Hosted by Lou Long & Paradise Chevrolet

Posted July 30, 2015

Hosted by our sponsor, Paradise Chevrolet
 and led by Lou Long

It was a LollapaLOUza of a day!

Poor Lou Long, our fantastic sponsor rep from Paradise, rarely gets to join in on a Mystery Lunch Run as the last Sunday of a month is a big day at Paradise for sales reps. Once a year, if he is lucky, he gets to drive a Corvette at the front of the line and go somewhere for a few hours, before he heads back to work. Of course, the downside is that he has to plan the Mystery Lunch Run or in August’s case, the Not So Mysterious Lunch Run.

 Lured by the prospect of donuts and coffee, more than 50 Corvettes miraculously appeared at the dealership starting at 7:30am (COTV’s version of an 8am meeting time)! In addition to the regular cast of 100s we had some new faces and some potential new members including Paul from Moreno Valley, who couldn’t make the ride itself but took an application; Fred and Tyler Fox, a father-son team in another yellow C7 (Fred) and a burgundy C5 (Tyler), who showed real interest; and Taveres Carver, another potential member. The three last listed above were introduced by Dee Edwards, who had met them the day before. Also joining us were Alessandro and Ramona from Hemet, better known to a discerning few as Howard and Anna Hoyt of Corvettes West. Recent member additions, Nando De Luna and Cindy Machado, are turning up all over the place. Kim Sparks had his grandson with him. Some turned up for the photo op before the run and then excused themselves but the rest of the gang lined up to caravan to our next destination.

Check out the group photos to see the Priebes’ new red ZO6 and the Glenores’ new silver Z51 and all of the gorgeous C7s, now beginning to outnumber any other models in the club. Since Joe brought his NEW car instead of his OLD car, kudos for having the oldest running car in the line go to Terry and Wendy Converse for the RACE RAT. Marsue Page gets extra credit for coming in her German “Corvette” and Rob and Daryl had to use their fall-back car since the ZR1 was down with terminal flat “tire-itis.” So you won’t see those cars in the group shots.

At 9am. Lou, in a red C7 convertible, led the group of 53 stellar Corvettes (and a couple of mongrels) around the dealership and out onto the 15 South, heading to San Diego. Rob and Daryl made an effort to do drive-by photos of as many cars and drivers as possible, although they don’t guarantee that everyone will look their best. We all ended up at Balboa Park and our destination, the San Diego Automotive Museum, at about 10 am and spent an hour or so checking out all the exhibits of cars, motorcycles and the JettVett, a hybrid of both. Then we adjourned to the upstairs meeting room for box lunches from the San Diego Catering Company – a variety of sandwiches, chips, cookies and fruit, with assorted drinks. The sandwiches were exceptional (especially the chicken salad on raisin bread – the opinion of everyone who tried it). 

We will have to get Paradise to let Lou out to play more often, since he did such a stellar job of putting this event together. Perhaps if we all buy more cars from him, he can come along again!!!!!


8/20/2015 Sponsor Appreciation Dinner

Posted July 30, 2015

IMG_20150820_172235 IMG_20150820_172256 IMG_20150820_172307 IMG_20150820_172354 IMG_20150820_172419 IMG_20150820_172431 IMG_20150820_172509 IMG_20150820_172600.




A typically cheery COTV group met for dinner at Temecula Pizza Factory on Thursday, August 20. The gathering was to show appreciation for Pizza Factory’s sponsorship of our club once again this year. This is not to imply that the effort on our part was any hardship because the pizza was excellent, the drinks were cold, and the camaraderie was terrific.

Fill-in host Bill Stedfield was first to arrive followed almost immediately by Lou Long from Paradise Chevrolet Cadillac. They instantly proceeded to the beer tap counter to do a brew quality and temperature check.

Within a very few minutes several more club members arrived and the establishment was looking best ever with several Corvettes parked smartly in a row by the entrance.

Attendees included Layne and Mary Norby, who deserved the Long Distance Award for driving in from Riverside; Armando and Patricia Diaz; Manny and Diane Macedo; John Meyer and Skip Hipp from the “Yellow Squad” came together in John’s C7; Dave Hellman; Nando DeLuna and Cindy Machado; Tom Hafeli with grandson Cameron, who looks like he could play for the Packers; Bill and Marilyn Watson; Harry and Sharon Finch; Lou Long; and Bill and Cynthia Stedfield, who brought along neighbor Tony Dellos.

Temecula Pizza Factory was an excellent host with a private party room set up for COTV. An NFL game was on the flat screen, sound muted, but with all the chatter and laughing at the tables the game was hardly noticed.

For those who do not know Pizza Factory, it is definitely worth trying. The menu includes a long list of pizzas but also pasta, sandwiches, calzones, soups, salads, and appetizers. The beer list has many choices of both bottles and drafts and a variety of soft drinks is available as well.

Pizza Factory is a good neighbor. In addition to sponsoring COTV, the restaurant’s walls are covered floor to ceiling with appreciation plaques from youth sports teams, schools, and other civic organizations.

Temecula Pizza Factory (a franchise) is located at 31725 Temecula Pkwy, near the intersection of Margarita Rd, close to Stein Mart.







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