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10/26/14 Mystery Lunch Run Hosted by Steve & Liz Rose

Posted November 1, 2014

oct 2014 MLR 033Rose, Steve & Liz

Steve and Liz Rose led a group of about 30 corvettes on a very enjoyable run from KOHL’s west on Temecula pkwy and onto the northbound 15 fwy. It was difficult to stay together at first due to traffic but, once we exited at Clinton keith and turned westbound where we regrouped, we had a beautiful line of corvettes the remainder of the trip. We wound through the hills of La Cresta and De Luz, enjoying the the beautiful scenery accompanied by fantastic weather. The group stayed together very well since Joan Thackwell apparently took the training wheels off the vette and Larry kept the car ahead of him in sight at all times. Nice job Larry (ha! ha!). Soon, the Thackwells will graduate to leading a run. The last part of the ride brought us down Rancho California rd, back into Temecula and into old town where we had a very good lunch at Luke’s, a new restaurant across from Swing Inn. The service was good, the food was even better and all had a good time sharing stories with fellow corvette lovers. Thanks to Steve and Liz for planning and leading the run. I’m sure everyone enjoyed it as much as I did. Check out the pictures. They tell the story better than me.


10/08/14-10/13/14 The Moving Wall Comes to Temecula

Posted November 1, 2014


COTV At The Moving Wall

From October 8-13, we were fortunate to have the traveling, half-size replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial (in Washington, D.C.) at Sam Hicks Park in Old Town Temecula, thanks to the strenuous efforts of Johnny, the founder of the Manzanita Ranch, a non-profit which provides equine therapy for wounded veterans and others, such as cancer patients. Johnny applied to have the Wall come to Temecula 4-5 years ago and only found out that it would be in Temecula 4-5 months ago. He then did an unbelievable job of building a group of dedicated volunteer committee members to make it happen. Jodie Christopher of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Motorcycle Club headed the recruitment and training of the almost 400 volunteers needed to staff the Wall, acting as docents, readers (reading the list of 58,261 names of those killed in Vietnam), security, greeters, ushers, and on and on.

The Moving Wall is approximately a half size-replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. and is composed of 74 frames containing aluminum panels with silk-screened names of the dead in order of date of death. It was conceived, and to this date is still maintained, by three Vietnam vets from California. It lists deaths starting in 1959 and through 1975, although it has been determined that were two deaths in 1956 and 1959, which have since been added.

Ray McIntosh, who was a helicopter pilot during the Vietnam War contacted the group and then presented the opportunity to participate to the COTV membership. A significant number of members signed up for various duties over the several day period. Some worked on one day and some on several, doing a variety of jobs just to make things happen. We would like to thank Ray & Judy McIntosh (shift supervisors), Bob & Monica Clark, Bill Stedfield, Dave Crook, Layne & Mary Norby, Cyndee O’Brien, Joe Priebe, Bill Steed, Dee Jamison, Mike Grayson, Hans & Alma Boers, Charlie Stell, and Rob & Daryl Weber for taking the time in their busy schedules to make this event a success. Lou Long was also there and Paradise provided breakfast on Friday morning.nnIf we missed anyone, please let us know.

On October 9, the first volunteers to arrive found that the Wall was not “open for business” as planned because it arrived at 7am that day instead of the previous day as expected. However, the foundation had been constructed so a group of volunteers erected all 74 panels and leveled them in 2 ½ hours in time for the Opening Ceremony at noon, with a variety of dignitaries. The Wall was open 24 hours a day so that everyone who wanted to was able to seek out their loved ones’ names and make a “rubbing” from one of the panels. Docents were present to aid in finding names, in explaining the history of the wall, providing solace to those in distress or in leading them to on-site counselors. Readers continued reading a page of names each from 7am-7pm and all through the night on Sunday October 12 in order to complete a full reading plus a little more.

This was an emotional event for all involved – both attendees and volunteers. Thanks again to all COTV members who participated.



10/05/14 COTV PICNIC

Posted October 4, 2014

d8The Sheriff Says
“Thanks to Dayton and Pam (and thanks to all the Members for not Shootin Up The Place”




COTV Picnic at the

Taylors’ Fantasyland

Well, we wanted a change of pace from Wolf Creek Park where we have had our club picnic for a few years and we got it. Pam and Dayton Taylor offered their home and “unusual” grounds as the setting and a group of us enjoyed a warm Sunday exploring all the property had to offer.

Arrival was scheduled for about 11am and we parked and toted our chairs and coolers of drinks down the driveway to the Taylors’ back yard, which is really the result of a major collector’s fantasies gone wild. Aside from the lovely pool area with custom bar and the patios and shaded lawn that back the house, there is the collection of vintage trailers, in various stages of renovation from just found to completely remodeled in period style. Throw in part of a Western town with Saloon and Jail, some renovated cars and motor homes, a tea house for the ladies who might want to partake,,,, and let your imagination do the rest. 

After the usual chatting and catching up with members we haven’t seen much of lately and the exploring of the grounds, lunch was served. There were 3 kind of chicken (grilled, crispy and original) with green beans and mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, coleslaw, fruit salad, pulled pork and barbecue sauce and rolls and butter. Once everyone had filled their plates and stomachs, the desserts appeared – huge apple pies, chocolate cake and a variety of gigantic cookies. 

We wish that all the members had been able to attend – but it was good seeing some who can’t make all the meetings, like Ron and Darlene Rich, Jim and Susan Lokken, and Gary Miranda. We missed seeing Linda Vilgiate, Sandi Steed, Bob Clark, and Tom Nagle but were glad their spouses came along anyhow. Of course, we were all thrilled to see, Ed Keefer and Leigh Dutton, and to meet Leigh’s daughter (who we hope will join COTV soon.) 

Make sure you mark your calendar for next year – as soon as we decide where and when next year’s picnic will be. It is a great opportunity to spend time getting to know your fellow club members in a relaxed setting. Who knows how we will top 2014 though!




Posted October 4, 2014

0Big Horse Car Show 002 Big Horse Car Show 003 Big Horse Car Show 004 Big Horse Car Show 005 Big Horse Car Show 006 Big Horse Car Show 007 Big Horse Car Show 008 Big Horse Car Show 009Big Horse Car Show 001

Six members of COTV attended the Big Horse car show on Saturday and showed ’em what real horses are.  Cindy O’Brien organized our group and led the way with her beautiful blue C-7.  John Marsh and Mary Kino attracted a lot of attention with  ZEUS, their beautiful award winning C-6. I’m sure it was just a coincidence, but no one could find John until Mary had finished cleaning the car. Maybe we should have Mary give a detailing class to the wives at an upcoming meeting (LOL).  Bill Steed and Joe Priebe brought their classic ’62 and ’63 beauties which, as usual, were the focus of many spectators. As you can see from the pictures, Joe added yet another trophy to his collection. Don Weeks was there in his beautiful ’53  retro and also drew much attention. Finally, Bill Stedfield was there with his gorgeous red C-6.  Thanks to all for representing COTV so well.


9/28/14 MLR Hosted By Terry & Wendy Converse

Posted September 16, 2014




Round and Round We Go 

& We End Up…

Right Where We Started!



Terry and Wendy Converse led a Sunday drive through the countryside on a lovely, mild and sunny day to welcome in the Fall. Twenty-two cars (and one motorcycle and Dayton!) met at the Kohl’s parking lot to catch up and compare notes for those who had been traveling during the Summer. (Italy for 6 weeks, Ed and Marie Filardo – lucky dogs!!!) Terry had to break into dueling conversations to start the drivers’ meeting, in which he laid out the first few steps of the ride – down Temecula Parkway to Front Street, through Old Town, left on Rancho California Road and then re-group. Pretty simple so far…right?

The next steps seemed pretty simple as well – Rancho California to De Luz and left for a long way. However, the group fragmented into two smaller sub-groups – the first eight cars who motored through the dips and leafy lanes of the area behind the Converses’ red ’63, admiring the ranches and homes, and the rest of the cars, which moved at a very leisurely pace, increasing the gap until there was nothing in sight behind Doug and Marilyn in the #8 car. We never rejoined during the circular route that took us through the hills and dales of De Luz and Sandia Creek Roads and back to Rancho California and right on Front St. this time.

Our final destination was the porch of the Gambling Cowboy. As the first group parked and made their way into the restaurant, the larger group reappeared and we all got to the restaurant within a short time of each other. Leigh Dutton, who did not drive, met us all for the meal. Wendy and Terry had arranged a set menu with a choice of 4 lunches: Roast Turkey Sandwich, Prime Rib Dip, Steak Burger (and a big one at that!) and Salmon Chophouse Salad. All were very appetizing and generous servings so everyone got plenty to eat.

The weather was great, the route was spectacular and the food delicious – but it is the camaraderie of the COTV that made it another wonderful Sunday for a Mystery Lunch Run! Thanks Terry and Wendy for planning such a memorable day!






8/31/14 MLR Hosted by Charlie and Grace Stell

Posted August 24, 2014

august 2014 mlr 032august 2014 mlr 040


It was a beautiful sunday morning and Charlie Stell stood upon his 10 inch pedastal (see picture) to begin his safety sermon. About 30 drivers along with their passengers listened (not very attentively) as charlie introduced 2 new members and 4 guests who were joining us for the day. Charlie explained that the initial part of the run had many lights and would require us to re-group on rainbow valley road. Charlie, being anxious to get going, pulled out at 9:55. Fortuneately, the late arrivers, including Al and Vickie, saw us pulling out and were able to join in what would be a very interesting run. As planned, we made it to rainbow valley rd. By this point we had already lost 2 cars who went toward Pechanga before realizing the error of their ways and turning around. Once reunited, we continued on the run through rainbow, to hwy 76 via Rice canyon rd, a beautiful, winding scenic road. At hwy 76 we turned left to couser canyon rd and turned right. This is where it got really interesting.  As drivers enjoyed the scenery, the gaps grew, the cars lost sight of each other and problems ensued. When Charlie got to Old castle rd, he and the few cars still within sight turned right to hwy 395. Here they turned left and waited to regroup. When the remaining 20 cars got to old castle, they turned left toward Valley Center. This is where we became 2 lunch runs (maybe a first?). Coordinating via cell phone, Grace and Judy decided  that they would each lead their groups to the destination and meet up there. Charlie’s group continued on hwy 395 to Valley pkwy to the destination. When they were waiting to turn onto Valley pkwy they saw the wayward group, led by Ray and Judy cross in front of them. That group had come by way of Valley Center to Valley pkwy. Both groups arrived at the destination  at the same time and enjoyed BBQ at Mike’s BBQ in Escondido. The food was good, the frienship was great and the stories of the trip were abounding and will last in our memories for a long time. Thanks to Charlie and Grace for a fun trip with lasting memories.





Posted August 24, 2014


Posted August 24, 2014

COTV goes to Ritchies diner for Ice Cream and more!IC1CLICK ON THIS LINK FOR ALL THE PICS!

7/27/2014 MLR hosted by Ray and Judy Mcintosh

Posted July 27, 2014

july 2014 MLR 041 july 2014 MLR 002 july 2014 MLR 040

A smaller than usual group of 17 corvettes (33 people) met at Kohl’s for the monthly mystery lunch run. The participation was reduced because some of our members went to the Del Mar races. The MLR was hosted by Ray and Judy Mcintosh and consisted of a ride on the new Butterfield stage road extension winding through French Valley, Murrieta, Lake Elsinore and culminating at RJ’s Sizzlin Steer where most of us enjoyed a very good breakfast buffet. Some opted to order from the menu. Either choice proved good as the food was excellent. The dubious title of “last to be served” was finally taken by someone other than Bob and Betty Wells as Esther Crocker was served last today. We were honored to have many guests today including Keith and Lana Jenkins, friends of the Lokkens, from Canyon Lake who just bought their corvette 2 weeks ago. Also joining us was Ryan and Debbie Oakley in “HER” gray corvette. Joe Spadafore also came along after recently being released from Folsom Prison (his words) because his girlfriend, Christy wanted to see what we were all about. It was sure nice to see Carol Buote and Willie Nagle who came by themselves while their husbands frolicked in Michigan on the dream cruise. Thanks must be given to Charlie and Grace Stell for bringing up the rear and communicating by text message as well as everyone who kept the leaders updated with their walkie-talkies.


7/27/14 COTV goes to the Races at Del Mar

Posted July 4, 2014

Here are some notes from the Del Mar trip to go with photos that Steve sent separately.

Some of the 25 or so Corvettes had never been out of the garage on a rainy day. But caught it a surprise squall of heavy rain just as we left Rancho Santa Fe, headed to a day of fun Sunday, July 27, at the Del Mar racetrack, these cars had to batten down the hatches, or raise their convertible roofs.

The COTV Vettes headed on to Del Mar, got hastily parked on the infield brick pavers and made for the sunshades which definitely work better for sun than rain. Thanks to Jim Estoch for a hearty supply of fresh coffee and pastries from Temecula’s new Corner Bakery Café, we quickly found the dry tables under the infield canopies and set to work sharing tales of when we had last driven our Vettes in the rain.

Guests Larry Campbell and Colleen Montgomery said this was the third time their car had been driven in rain. The first being the day the car was delivered in Vancouver, Canada. They, like the cadre of COTV regulars, enjoyed socializing as the rain continued to pour down for about an hour. When the first cup of coffee was enjoyed and the Del Mar staff decided that our parking job was not up to par, many were back in their Vettes, parking them nose out to the satisfaction of the Del Mar crew. They wanted to display the cars behind the show ropes so that they could keep the public from walking next to the cars, yet be able to view the array of colors and models that made up the display. Bill Steed was one of the first to get out his polishing rag when the raindrops stopped. He said something about how hard it is to keep a white car clean.

Judy Venn got the gambling started well before the first post, with the annual favorite game of Left, Center, Right. A roll of the dice determined if you kept your dollars or passed them on to a nearby player. Busy as these ladies were, they missed the changing weather as the rain drops made way for sun breaks and eventually full sunshine which brought out a crowd of families and other race goers for the expanded lineup of races. Del Mar is offered ten races, in lieu of last year’s eight, to keep horses, jockeys and owners running and working in California despite the closing of Santa Anita Racetrack. November will bring some extra racing weeks to the Del Mar schedule to further this effort.

After all this shuffling of Corvettes and spirited gambling, the pot luck containers were opened and a feast ensued. Fresh salads, dips and vegetables lead to main dishes of honey-baked ham and fried chicken, chicken salad croissants, baked beans and more.

Then on to the dessert table with apple pie, homemade cookies, cakes, brownies and lots more to satisfy a sweet tooth.

It was good to see Ed and Carolyn Keefer out and about as well as others who have been busy with other trips and activities.

There were winners, lots of betters, but a good time was had by all.








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