laguna seca

2020 Run to Laguna Seca

Hi everyone. The car you see above could very well be the new Corvette C8.R that could be running in the 2020 Weathertec Sports car series. I think it would be fun to see it run at one of the worlds great race tracks and that would be Laguna Seca.

Corvette Racing is currently developing the new C8R race car and we should be able to see it run. This race is the last of the years series and often championships are determined at this race. It should be a fun week of traveling, eating, sleeping, eating, watching races, checking out Monterey, Carmel, and did I say eating.

To his end, I am organizing a run. I am in contact with IMSA, the race track, and the Embassy Suites in Monterey. I will get a block of rooms at an inn in Pismo Beach for one night and a block of rooms at the Embassy Suites for the balance of our stay in Monterey.

I will let you all know all the final rates at that time. I will also supply you with information on how to get race tickets and tickets to be in the Corvette Corral at the track, so you can talk about everything Corvette with all the other Corvette enthusiasts.

I will also make lunch reservations for the first- and second-day’s journey and dinner reservations nightly for the balance of our stay. Lunch’s in Monterey will be on our own and the Embassy Suites provides breakfast.

The following is the intended schedule for our trip to the races. Our run will begin on Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2020 and we will head home on Monday, Sept. 14, 2020.

Here is the schedule in brief form, I will update as we get closer, but it is of paramount importance that I have your firm commitment to attend no latter than the end of September, 2019. If I do not hear from you by then, I will presume you do not wish to attend.

You will need to make your own room reservations, purchase your own tickets to the race, and purchase your own Corvette Coral passes when they go on sale. They are currently not available, but I will let you know all the information you need to secure rooms and tickets at a later date.

Day 1, Tues, 9/8/20we leave Temecula and go north to Oxnard and have lunch at the Olive Garden. After lunch we head north to Pismo Beach and stay at the Cottage Inn by the Sea, $139 per night. Dinner will be at McLintocks.

Day 2, Wed, 9/9/20we travel north along old Hwy 1 to Nepenthe for lunch and then on to our hotel in Monterey, hotel yet to be determined. Currently the Embassy Suites wants $324 per night.

Day 3, Thurs, 9/10/20, open to explore the Monterey, Carmel area. Early dinner at the Baja Cantina.

Day 4, Fri, 9/11/20track opens, practice and qualifying begins for all class of cars (WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca) or whatever you want to do. Early dinner at Tarpy’s Roadhouse.

Day 5, Sat, 9/12/20Qualifications and practice continues at the track or whatever you want to do. No planed lunch but early dinner at yet to be determined restaurant.

Day 6, Sun, 9/13/20Race Day. Race goes on into evening, so no dinner arranged. There is food at the track.

Day 7, Mon, 9/14/20head for home and for those who want to do home over two days, stay at Chumash Casino and have dinner at Hitching Post in Solvang.

Day 8, Tues, 9/15/20, head for Temecula.

Note: If you are at the track all three days, there are several choices for food at the track. Some of you may wish to shop in Carmel or Cannery Row and get lunch there.

We might even be able to take our cars out on the TRACK. We won’t go fast, but it will help give you a better appreciation of what the drivers face driving at blistering speeds. If you haven’t driven down the Corkscrew, you need to (A Blind Crest and a 3 Story Drop).

So, think it over, look at your calendar, and let me know if you are all in.

A question came up at our member meeting last week that I would like to address and that is the cost of the trip.

I have secured rooms at the Cottage Inn by the sea in Pismo and those rooms run $140 per night including breakfast. I estimate that our rooms in Monterey will run around $240 per night including breakfast. The room in Solvang at the Chumash Casino will run around $140. So, here is what rooms should cost us:
Pismo – 1 night at $140 $140
Monterey – 5 nights at $240 $1,200
Solvang – 1 night at $140 $140
Total for rooms (not including tax, room fees) would be approximately $1,480


Food and gas costs should not be over $1,000.
Race tickets are $100, advanced price, $140 at the gate for 3 day gen. admission & paddock .
Corvette Corral is $40 for Fri, Sat, & Sun.
So, the total cost of this event should be around $2,500.


There is a lot of things to see and do so it doesn’t seem like a bad price for a lot of fun and Corvette fellowship, plus we will see the new Corvette Race Car in action.


Remember, Lifes a trip, enjoy the road, don’t be shy, step up and make the commitment to a good time.


Your obedient servant, Glenn C.