Hosted by Teresa & Simon Bleeker


No – They Won’t Be Wearing

Their Santa Clothes!

Meet at 0900


Depart 0930

If you plan on attending, RSVP Teresa at
Teresa Bleeker

Gas Up!

It will be a historical trip.
Sounds like another great MLR.
The drive will be 2 hours plus a 30 minute pit stop.


It will be a 1 hour return drive to Temecula.


At the pit stop there is a $3 entry fee
& you can purchase a coffee
and a donut. 


Lunch will be $22 which includes tax and tip.
Total cost per person is $25
($3 pit stop+$22 lunch)


Bring CASH and pay at the door.



(This is VERY, VERY Important!)



We are having problems at the Restaurants

because some members are not

RSVPing for Themselves or their Guests.

We’d Love To Have You There…. but,

Our MLRs have a lot of attendees.

We can’t just show up with more

folks and expect to be seated.

You need to RSVP.